Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Recital

My husband, Papa and I had the great opportunity to attend a piano recital. This wasn't just any recital, our 3 grandchildren were in this recital. No, it's not their first recital but this is the first one that we have been able to attend. It was great watching the poise and hearing the talent that all three possess. They have learnt so much. The hands above belong to the oldest granddaughter. She played a very special piece, Cannon in D. Such a beautiful selection and it was also played almost 16 years ago at her parents wedding.

This is our grandson and he did such a good job at playing his piece. He had it memorized so he didn't even need his music. We also enjoyed listen to him practice at home the few days before the recital. A lot of talent there and he has a wonderful voice too. I love listening to him sing both at their home devotions and at church.

These are his hands skillfully playing.

Oops! I just couldn't resist these precious 2 yr old hands who I know will some day be playing beautiful music as she gets older and starts piano lessons.

It was so fun to watch and listen to all of them including 16 others play their music selections.

Here is our middle granddaughter. She has been taking piano lessons for 3 years and she did a wonderful job at the recital.

Here are her hands as she makes beautiful music.

This is all the students and the teacher to the far right, back row. It was a fun day and refreshments were served after the talent.

Our lovely granddaughter sporting her Fedora and matching plaid shirt.

She looks a little sassy, oh, I meant classy!

While we were there visiting, our daughter baked and decorated a beautiful time consuming cake for her mother-in-laws birthday. It turned out so lovely and tasted superb as always.

I just couldn't have a blog without adding a few pictures of that sweet youngest granddaughter. She was showing me these full bloom spirea's in their yard. They were absolutely beautiful.

We used chalk to create a road and town on their driveway. The children had a lot of fun with their scooters on the curvy road. This is our youngest grandson leading the way. He is quite the young man and growing up so fast.

Our 2 yr old granddaughter has a thing with this hat! She loves it and wore it for the better part of the time we were there. I thought I would include just a few of the many cute pictures I captured with her and her pink hat.

Be watching for the next blog update.

We went to the ZOO and I have just a few pictures to share with you!