Monday, July 29, 2013

The week long adventure (blog 1 of 4) 2nd week in July

After spending a few days with our NE family,  we started a week long adventure with our 3 youngest grandchildren.    Below you see them in our Grizmobile on our way to Rapid City.  The trip went great and we all had fun as we traveled the first leg of our trip to Sioux Falls and spent the night at a fine Hotel. (INN)

 It was a comfortable 2 room suite.  The grandchildren were excited and couldn't look enough.  They also couldn't wait to enjoy the big indoor swim pool and hot tub. 

We enjoyed a good 2 hours in the beautiful pool and we had it all to ourselves.
  It was a great way to relax, exercise and have fun.   

The hot tub

The next day we were on our second leg of our trip.  We enjoyed some "TOURIST TRAP" fun and also a great noon meal at AL'S OASIS.  It was a hot day at 95 degrees but just a bit of advice,  if you eat there, don't forget your warm jackets since they had the air very cool at about 60 degrees.  BURR we were cold in there and really made the outside temp feel good.

The first thing on our list of  "THINGS TO DO"  was Storybook Island.

  The pictures below will show just some of the fun at this fairy tail park.  We took our time and saw every thing there.  I do believe the highlights were the Train,  digging in the sand,  the merry-go- rounds and slides, the tire swing, the Wizard of Oz.     We purchased cotton candy on the way out and had a fun dessert after our noon meal.  We were disappointed that the play was not on the schedule for that week since it was a Theater camp for kids instead.  
Papa and I had a hard time to keep up with 3 excited children.  We certainly had fun and the grandchildren were so good to stay close by and listen to us.  

What a cute Raggedy Ann and Andy.

OK!  Time to go, say good-by until next time!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

4th of July fun at the Bakers

Jeff and I got to watch the last game of our Grandsons tournament on the evening of July 3rd.  He has grown to be a very good Baseball player. His # was 10 and he proved to be a #10 with his good hits, throws and catching.  The game was very interesting and high scoring.    

 Here he is catching at his best.  He has played this catching position for years now and dose a great job.  Below you can see the spectators cheering him on.  We all enjoyed the close game even if they did loose by one score.  I believe the final score was 8 to 9.  

 The two younger girls entertained themselves with catching lightning bugs and sitting in the tall grass.

 4th of July          LET THE PARADE BEGIN!   
 I thought these two critters were very cute so just had to share the picture.   The parade lasted a good hour and I could not believe all the candy that was thrown out for the children.  OK, so maybe, just maybe I got a piece or two for myself.
 The fireworks started early afternoon with pink smoke sticks, firecrackers, snappers, and parachutes.

 My husband on the other hand found his own fireworks.  That was some very potent moon shine with the blackberries still in the bottom of the jar. 

Our grandson lighting some pretty wild rockets.  

One had us all jumping as it came towards the house.
 Our beautiful oldest granddaughter looking so very innocent with these fireworks.
 Just a litle Jam on the front porch.  Theres never too much music.  
 The 2013 annual BAKER 4th of July
 Our 2 youngest grandchildren having fun with some gentle very cute fireworks.  This little ship was very cute and did some interesting stuff.  We all enjoyed it.

 OH NO,  Miss innocent!   I sure wonder who lite the pink smoke bomb in the mail box?  It was surprising how long that bright pink smoke oozed out of the mail box.
 Our youngest granddaughter wasn't so sure about these fire shooting sparklers.  "Is this really supposed to be fun?"
 Jeff and I with our Grandchildren from NE.  What a fun time we had with this beautiful family.

A fun way to celebrate the Freedom and independence of our beloved country.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Black Hills Bluegrass Festival June 28 - 30

 Our youngest Daughter, Melissa, her husband Tim and our 17 yr old grandson Ansir spent the weekend with us and were able to attend the Black Hills Bluegrass Festival.    This was a beautiful outdoor setting with beautiful sunshine and weather all weekend.  

 Our oldest grandson invited a friend who he does not get the opportunity to visit very often.  They chose to sit further back in the shade of some big trees.
 Jeff and Melissa enjoying some very good Bluegrass.
 This is Kim and Randy, our next door neighbors who also both play and enjoy Bluegrass music.
 Melissa and husband Tim enjoying both the bluegrass music and the sunshine.
 Two of the many bands who intertained us.

 The intertainment is finished about 10:30 pm,  Then the individual bluegrass jam's start.  This is just two that we saw.    The group below are the local people who Jam with Jeff on Thursday and Sunday evenings.   You  can see Jeff (far left)  playing his mandolin for just a couple tunes.  

 The same group in front of Allan's camper,  Jeff at the far right.  By this time it is nearing midnight.
 I had our friend snap this picture with all 5 of us.  
 Another group at the Festival.  
Sunday after church,  Just casually relaxing to a little guitar, mandolin music by father and daughter.