Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A fun filled weekend of Aug 16 and 17th 2013.

The Friday evening old fashioned Barn Dance with waltz, polka, shadish and even the Hokey Pokey.  The band is mostly one family who were having a family reunion.  We know Bob on the accordion from our Blue Grass Jams.    He is in his 80's and very talented.  

 Just watch these people  kick up their heals and dance.


The Barn Dance started at 7:30 and was to last until 10:30 PM.  Jeff and I left at 10:45 and they were still going strong.
We figured when the band played  "GOODNIGHT IRENE, GOODNIGHT"  it was a hint that people should start winding down.  It was a very fun evening, we were happy to have been invited.  We even danced a couple dances.   

SATURDAY evening we enjoyed a concert of the "RED HEAD EXPRESS"  and the WALKER BROTHERS.  Actually this is the Walker family,  the four older girls are the Red Head Express and the three younger boys are the Walker Brothers.   So it is a very musically talented family of Nine.  Yes, even the mother and father sing.
 The Redhead Express,  four sisters.   the oldest is the guitar, next oldest is on banjo, third is on violin 
and the youngest plays the bass. 

 Most of the family only without the two boys.  They did all sing together but I did not get a picture. 
 You can see more on this talented family at or at
 This is mom Walker.  She also sings but mostly 
left the singing up to their children.
 This is the dad Walker,  he has a very good voice and was singing "THE LONG BLACK TRAIN" 

 The Walker Brothers.  
Dueling banjo's.
The "CUP" song  You'r going to miss me when I'm gone.  

This was the popular song that all the young kids and teenagers are into right now.  The "CUP" song.  She did quite well and all the songs were done very well.  I would certainly recoment seeing this family if they come to your area.  Very sweet talented  family!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The week long adventure (blog 4 of 4) second week in July 2013

We had to have more back yard fun with sparklers brought by our good friends Nancy and Jim Snyder.  We also enjoyed a good visit, the fire pit, roasted marshmallows, s'mores and  fresh fruit.            YUM!   YUM!

Just a fun relaxing evening.

Saturday we enjoyed a LWML picnic at one of our big parks. 
The children had fun on the play ground and also catching crawdads out of the creek.  We brought two home and put them in our garden pond. Sat afternoon we went to the 
School of Mines Museum Of Geology. 

There was a lot to see and learn at this interesting Museum.  

This is the size of a dinosaur egg next to a Ostrich egg.  
Below our Grandkids were reading fun information about these prehistoric creatures.    

Hey Nana,  please take a picture of me with my shark tooth necklace by these shark teeth in the exhibit case.

So I gave him my camera so he could take these close up pictures of teeth and also the replicas of some of the largest gold nugget's 
ever found.
He did a very good job!

There were many many different rocks on display, even minerals and beautiful gems.  Some rocks that glow in the dark were in a special room that got dark, then light. 
 It was fun for the kids.   

That evening our 11 year old granddaughter made her special creation casserole.  It was great.
YEP!  Papa really dose have a big stick!
Papa had been giving our grandson a rough time 
talking about his big stick to keep him in line.  LOL
Now it looks like he is giving Papa a rough time!
More back yard fun!  And yes, I got in on the fun too.
Loving her Papa's beard,  just has to feel it! 

All dressed up for church on Sunday
 so time for a few more pictures.

Having fun peeking from behind the tree.

History lesson,  learning how people including their great grandparents used to have to listen to music. (WAY BACK WHEN THERE WAS NO ELECTRICITY!)  They were amazed!
Nana's little kitchen helper.  

Sunday afternoon we got our exercise when we climbed all those steps to the top of "DINOSAUR HILL".
We had to stop at each Dinosaur to climb and also read names and history about each prehistoric animal.

Papa even made the climb!  Here he is resting with the Grandchildren.  

You can see this T REX Dinosaur from all around the city.

Look how big compared to our 4 yr old granddaughter.  

Our grandson on the huge tail.

It is hard to get that huge long neck on the same picture with the three grandkids.

Just look how high up and the beautiful view of Rapid City!

She just had to pose with her little "gift shop" dinosaur and necklace that was the same as this big model.      

Papa did a good job taking a picture of me with the 3 youngest grandchildren.  Here you can see just a few of the
 many many steps at this Dinosaur Park.

This was just before heading down the hill and back home for the last evening before we took them back to NE.  We only went part way so we could stop at the beautiful Hampton Inn for a fun evening swimming and TV.  It was a great week of fun and memories that will not soon be forgotten.
  I thank my Loving Heavenly Father for the gift of family and     the joy of GRANDCHILDREN!