Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Special Day, "ADOPTION"

February 24th, 2015  was a long awaited day.  The day we got to official add two grandchildren to our family through adoption.  
The picture above is our youngest daughter Melissa with husband Tim and their two  children with the judge just after the adoption was proclaimed and papers were signed.   
 Puzzle pieces on the cake and individual pink and blue cupcakes for the big celebration party.   These were all made by Melissa and the children.  

Balloons were released  by everyone involved in the adoption.  

Watching those pretty balloons until they were out of site. 

 Fun times with big brother. 
                                                                  The whole Sutton family.

What a good looking young man at almost 5 yr old and beautiful young lady at 6 1/2 yr.  We are proud to call them grandchildren and hope they are proud to call us Nana and Papa.

 We were excited to attend their Church Christmas program this past December as they were chosen to play the mother of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Mary's betroth. What a great way to tell the true Christmas lesson of our Savior, God's Son being born.  


Christmas 2014, Melissa and Tim with the children.   

 This picture with Great Grandma Hanssen  
           and cousins was taken in May 2014.
Finally,  here we are with all three of the Sutton grandchildren.  This was taken Christmas 2013.  We are thankful to God for these children who will be loved and cared for and learn the love of Christ Jesus.   

Friday, February 20, 2015


 Zion Lutheran Church Missouri Synod had been around for 100 years.  Not in this building but actually organized 100 years ago.  This is the 3rd building for Zion.  Every month since July 2014 until July 2015  Zion has been having a special event to celebrate 100 years.  
 Tonight was a Hoe Down Mystery Dinner.  Above is the menu.  We had to chose what we wanted and this was not an easy task since things were listed as a mystery item.  What would you have chosen?  
 Our Pastor Schwan and wife Mary Beth were all dressed in their "SUNDAY GO TO MEETEN" cloths.  

More fine dressed folks, just wait-en for the vittles. 

The youngans even helped with the serven and the picken up afterwards.  


And here is the leader of this here hoedown,  she shur has a way with those dare words and things.   And she shur has a purddy smile and all.    

 More who wore their best "Sunday go to meetin" cloths.  Everyone had the chance to have a special photo taken at this photo scene. 
 I hope you can read this MENU,  this was the best I could do.  
 Every one at our table chose different vittles so we could find out what they all were.  We enjoyed a lot of visit time too since we invited our good friends (Left to Right facing the camera) Cal and Verle Augustine, me, Rogene and Rich Maxwell, and Jeff, with brown vest is hiding behind Earl with red shirt..    
 A big discussion with the Menu choices for our Vittles.. 

Well,  here is our food.   Mine was fried chicken for the choice "YOUR GOOSE IS COOKED"
I was one of the lucky ones to get a fork and a napkin.  I chose "DEVIL'S TAIL and SLOPPY RELATIVE.    The mixed veg were for my choice, "STICKS AND STONES.    The rice was for "SEEDS FROM A STEM"   and my dessert was Brownie  for "FAIRY'S APPRENTICE" 

 My friend Verle got ribs for her choice "MINER'S BONES".  She had to ask for a fork since she chose Robin Hood's helper and that was the tooth pick.  
 The "SIHGAN" when we all got to sing along,  And ya,  it was good.  We sang a nice variety of  hoe-down songs and even some nice Christian songs.   

 This is Helynn above and with her husband Ed below.  She is a good friend of mine and I must say, I hardly recognized her.  I am sure everyone had a great time and our stomachs were full of the Vittle fixens. Our hears were warmed with the fellowship, prayer and the sihgan.  I only wish ya-all could have come.