Friday, February 19, 2016

Fishing in February

February brought Flurries,  snow flurries that is.  

Beautiful white snow, up to 3 inchs.

February brought Football,  The 50th super bowl with the Denver Broncos winning.   
February brought FUN
 Valentines from grandchildren.
February brought FROZEN lakes. 
 Frozen lakes for Ice Fishing. 
 Time for Jeff to try out the new ice auger. 
The auger worked great.

Such a peaceful time just waiting for those fish to bite.  

I wouldn't walk on the ice without cleats to protect from slipping and falling on the ice. You can see them on my boots on lower picture.

The ice was about 15 in thick at Sheridan lake.  We heard a lot of loud cracking sounds but everything was good.  

I must say ice fishing was good and we caught some nice size pieces of ice.

We drove to Pactola Lake before heading home.  The frozen lake with some snow and thawing made it look almost like waves.  The next 3 pictures are from Pactola.  You can spot only one small open water area in that very deep lake. 

Thursday at Dearfield lake.
  The ice was even thicker at 28 inchs.
  It was a very windy day with 50 degrees creating a lot of water on top of the ice. 

The wind made it feel very cold.  
A beautiful Bald Eagle flying and gliding along looking for discarded fish or something the fishermen might have left.  
I just brought it up for a closer look.  We watched two Bald Eagles at Sheridan too but I couldn't get a picture.  

We did catch a few trout but we released them since they were quite small, 10 inchs or less.  It still was fun to catch them.  
Maybe next time the "BIG" ones will bite.

This is the second area on Dearfield lake that was protected and the wind didn't hit so bad.  You can see the reflection in the water on the lake.  
Time to call it a day. 
 All in all it was a gorgeous day up in the hills.