Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter 2016

He Has Risen, He has Risen INDEED!  ALLELUIA!

The two pictures above are of our bay window decoration from inside our family room.   

On March 13th at our Porcupine mission we once again used a hands on activity for the Passion of Christ Jesus.  Everyone had the opportunity to write their name on a small piece of paper in red ink and then attach it to the cross with a nail.  
 This remind's us of how Jesus blood was shed for all our sins. It is because of our sin that He had to die.  We are all sinners and need redemption.    
March 20th was the Easter celebration worship service on the reservation.  The same cross was used for each to place a silk Easter Lily at the place where our name has been.  We are washed clean by Jesus death and Resurrection.
 He conquered death for us that all who believe and are baptized can live eternally in Heaven face to face with our Savior.    

The craft was a big cross for everyone to display in their window or on their wall to remind them of the true meaning of Easter.  This craft was well received sticking on the 4" X 4" cardboard pictures with Bible verses. We had 48 but actually due to such a good turnout, we could have used 58 or 60.  Each family got one and every child.  

Below is the long line for the hot meal of ham, rolls, salad and watermelon.

Easter Vigil service started with a outdoor fire. We each lite our candle from the Christ candle 
and started the service outside taking 
the light into the dark church.

Easter sun rise service at Divine Shepherd LCMS.  (6 AM)

10:45 AM Easter worship service at Zion LCMS

You just have to have some Easter candy and goodies to share with good friends.

It was a joy to have two good friends over for our Easter meal and some egg coloring fun in the afternoon. 
We tried our art work by using the clear wax crayon.  Our friends had not colored eggs in years so I am sure this brought back many fun family memories.

Luke did a great job with several eggs.
 His smile tells us he enjoyed it too.

Jeff looks board but actually, I think he was in deep thought about which color next.

We had a lot of fun and had a good much needed relaxing afternoon and visit.
We even had a bit of fun with Easter Bonnets. 
Luke had to really "ham" it up.  
The pretty pink tulips were from our friend along with a
 very good bottle of wine we
shared with our meal. 

I decorate our yard every year with these crosses.   
Late afternoon was pie time.  I had baked pecan and apple but the choice for the day was pecan.  A little hot coffee and we were good to go.  

This is our Rhododendron plant. This is the second year but last year it did not bloom.  It has over 20 blossoms already showing the pink this year.   

Just a few pictures of our flowers already blooming this early spring. Just on time for Easter.

I will close this blog with some pictures sent internet to us from our family.  Grandchildren are such a Blessing and we are so thankful that they had the privilege to worship the true living God on such a special day.