Tuesday, April 12, 2022

A September Wedding

New Windows , ND visit , Granddaughter summer stay.

New Bow Windows March of 2019.  they are so nice, keeps out heat and the cold.  A very nice addition to our house.   

We had a great time at our youngest daughters in Feb 2019. we had just been to a wedding in Montana and came back to very sub 0 temps.  New puppy Zues was so cute.  

Feb 2020  making butter with butter churn

Our youngest grandaughter spent 2 weeks with us late June 2020.  Even though things were closed due to COVID restrictions, we had a wonderful time.  This was a great Museum in Rugby ND.    

We spent a few days at our youngest daughters and the cousins had a fun time. 

Dress up and play church time!

Spearfish Canyon at Bridal veil falls and later at Rough lock and down from Latchstring restaurant.  

 We has a great time at Angostura Lake.  So much warm water and beach area. All the public pools and most of tourist attractions closed due to Covid and face masks were recommended and even required in some stores and buildings.  SD was way better then most states that were almost completely shut down..