Wednesday, March 21, 2007


That's me on the back of boat, My husband was behind the wheel.

I love to go fishing, It is so peaceful on the boat and WOW for fun when the big one bites! We did take the boat out for the first time this spring on Saturday March 17th. There were a lot of other boats out there so I guess they had the same idea. It was fun and enjoyable even though we did not catch a single fish. May be next time!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

First flower in 2007

I love flowers ! I usually have quite a variety during the spring, summer and fall. This is my first flower to bloom this spring. Its a solid yellow Daffodil.
I have quite a few that are just peeking up but this one was protected a lot and on the South East corner of our house. The Deer must not like these as much as the tulips because the munched off tulips are only 1 foot away from this plant. I am glad it survived the Deer episode but I took a picture of it as I'm not so sure how long it might survive! I hope your spring plants are coming nicely too and will make a beautiful floral display by Easter.


On Friday morning bright and early (about 5 AM) my husband woke me up to see some beautiful Deer in our back yard. We sure did enjoy watching them for almost 1/2 hr. We would quietly walk from window to window to see what they were up to. They were snitching some of the cracked corn and seeds that fell from our bird feeder, then take a drink of water from our bird bath, then even walked across our patio and munched on some of the fallen crab apples. We watched until finally their ears perked up, they stretched their necks tall and gracefully jumped our chain link fence with inches to go. They then met up with several other deer who had been munching in our neighbors yard.
Then yesterday, OH NO! I spotted 2 bunched of my tulips neatly nibbled off. It must have been their dessert! So now I will try come up with a plan to stop the Deer munchers! Ha Ha! The amazing thing is we live right next to a very busy street in a city in SD.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cultural Fair

The fifth graders had the theme of Early Colonies. My grandson chose Colonial Christmas. They all had to write a report and come up with some type of presentation. You can see some of the homemade gift ideas the candle for in the window and also wooden shoes that were filled with candy and fruit. (most of that and the Spiced Cider had already disappeared as samples.) He also had a dish of Chocolate Moose on display. Other subjects in his room were Colonial cloths, Food, schools , George Washington and more. Very interesting and made for a interesting and educational evening !
The LCMS School where my youngest daughter teaches first grade had a Cultural Fair. Each grade presented a different theme. The first graders chose farming. Each student was assigned or chose one item to make. There was a fence, a pond, ducks, cow, horse, tractor and field, and as you can see on the picture a barn, house, farmer, farmers wife, sheep pig and more. It definitely turned out nice. The children do this at home with their parents help. What a fun family activity. We love seeing all the class rooms and their wonderful ideas and presentations.

Looks Like Spring

The spring plants are peeking their heads out and that means SPRING! These are some Daffodil's and just a little to the upper left you can see some Tulips. The Green always reminds me of Eternity and Life. The New Life that we are promised in scripture, Gods Holy Word. Lent is upon us and soon it will be Easter when we celebrate and praise God for His wonderful plan of redemption through Christ's death and Resurrection.
Every spring I use my outdoor 20 yr old bunny lawn ornament as a Easter decoration. I rake up old dead lawn grass and form it into a nest, then add colorful plastic eggs. It adds a little color to our dry early spring yard. These also are signs of life. Our Risen Lord has conquered Death. Let us all rejoyce with gladness!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Cupcake

Our grandson turned 11 years old. The day before his birthday, a Friday, was stormy and a snow day from school. This was to be the day for him to bring treats for his class and celebrate his birthday. Since his mother was very sick for the next 4 days, I surprised our Grandson on Tuesday when school was once again in session. I baked cupcakes for the whole class but in the center was a large cupcake about twice the size of a regular cupcake. This one had 11 on it was special for him. You can tell from the picture he couldn't waite to chow down.

Our grandson dose! First He won the oral Geography Bee at his school. Then he had to take a hard written test. The hard part about this test was being patient to find out how he did. Well after a long month of waiting, He received a letter yesterday telling him that he had done well enough to go to the State Geography Bee. This is very exciting news for him, his parents and us, his Grandparents. This competition is for 4Th through 8Th grades. He is only in 5Th grade. This also shows that the Lutheran Missouri Synod School that he attends is really doing a good job teaching the children. We are very proud of Him and would love to see him win the state competition and go on to Washington DC for the National competition.