Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter at Main Street square.

This first picture is taken from the intersection of Main St. and Sixth St. that is why this is called Main Street Square or sometimes it is even called Sixth St Square. It is right down town and what an absolute improvement and wonderful addition to our city. There are big Marble or sandstone pillars with lights at the very top that I thought were beautiful. This week i find out that a sculpturer will be hired to create works of art from these pillars and will have 5 years in which to do so. It will be very interesting to watch and see these pillars come to life or change.
Here are more pillars that will be transformed into art. This square is framed with many unique stores and a dinner. The Ice skating rink is always busy and it seems that there is a crowd at this square every weekend when often there are special activities, concerts or entertainment of some sort.
These girls from a Ice Skate class did a wonderful job.

This is the man who was specially brought in to make all these Ice sculptures with a chain saw. This was a special fund raiser for Meals on wheals.

This shows the Ice rink and one of the young figure skaters.
More Ice carvings or should I say sculptures..

This was the biggest sculptur, sleigh and two reign deer. Right on the corner of the intersection of Main and Sixth.
A Fire Truck

A motor cycle.
Another figure skater.

This Eagle is right on the stage. You can see the big spot lights around the edge. This stage will be very nice for summer concerts.
The Coca Cola bear and bottle ice sculpture.
Picture taken to the North.
Picture taken to the South.
I didn't get a picture of all the Ice sculptures but at least you got an idea of what they looked like and what kind of activities were happening. I have driven past when there has been many (Like 75 to 100) people out there Ice skating.

The last few Christmas Pictures.

I absolutly love having our tree and other Christmas decorations up. So on Jan 12th when I got ready to take the tree down, I just had to snap a few more pictures. Our theme this year was "JOY TO THE WORLD" If you look real close, you can see the center of the tree has the words, "Joy to the World" What better theme is there, Joy came that very first Christmas morning. Jesus has brought Joy to the world in His love and purpose. God's plan was complete, His Son would suffer for the sins of the whole World and thus win salvation in Heaven for all who believe.
This year I had the clay nativity figures under the tree.
This was a gift a few years ago from my youngest daughter and family. I have loved this gift and I use it every year as I teach the lesson of the Magi from the East coming to visit the infant Jesus, their king, with these gifts that are only fit for a king. Gold for a King or Royalty, Frankincense as in Worship the King (incense) and last Myrrh a precious valuable spice used in those days to anoint dead bodies. It is amazing how even when Jesus was a baby, those gifts told of His propose for coming down from a pure holy heaven to a unclean sinful earth.

I just had to include a picture of this old doll that I have inherited from my Aunt.(My dad's older sister) This doll was given to her when my dad was a baby so that makes this doll 93 years old. I have had the doll for a few years now but i recently obtained the original clothing that was at my mothers house. I love how she looks and as I look at her I wonder how many little girl arms have held and loved her. I wonder what her name was. I wonder if she got to sleep with my aunt. I will write a note about this doll and someday I hope to pass her along to someone who will love her and keep her nice for future generations to see.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas #3 in Western ND

On Dec 28th we traveled to Western ND to visit and celebrate Christmas/New Years with our youngest daughter and family. Most of the roads were dry and great driving except for about 1 hour with snow and sleet causing icy roads and slower traffic. I just couldn't blog about Western ND without a picture of the most frequent, recent landmarks, a oil well.
Wed evening we enjoyed the "gift opening" one at a time so we each got to see what everyone got.
Melissa looking through her many seed packets and gardening stuff. She was excited and especialy loved the old "Kraft Cheese wooden boxes."
I enjoyed seeing yet another beautiful Christmas tree.
Many cross's and angels adorned this tree.

Ansir had no idea what would be in his packages since He really didn't know what he wanted. He was excited about a new fleece vest, also the rocket with 3 engines.

Tim with his digital tire gauge from Grandma and Grandpa Hanssen. Below Melissa with her new scissors from Grandma and Grandpa Hanssen.

As many of you know, Tim and Melissa are Foster parents and for the past 3 months they have generously cared for and loved 3 precious little girls under the age of 3 1/2 yr. I loved the way she turned the room into a cute little girls room with many colorful flowers from the teacher store and a stapler. Below are two of the gifts we brought for the girls. Pretty pink play dishes and silverware and a set of play pots and pans. I have many memorable pictures of our foster grandchildren but will not post them here! We love them dearly and will always be able to include them in our prayers. We thank God for bringing them into our lives and the lives of Melissa, Tim and Ansir. It is a special joy and blessing in our lives.

Jeff with his gift of Computer lap holder/cooler. It has already been in use and so nice.
Below, I show off my Mary Kay Satin Hands. It has a beautiful soft peach sent and certainly works wonders on my dry old woman hands! LOL. Melissa has recently started her own business as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. I wish her much luck in this adventure.

Ansir thinks this nice thick warm hooded sweat shirt is just the thing for the nice 40 - 50 degree weather they have been having. It will also be nice under his coat when the temps hit -30 degrees. This was his gift from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Hanssen.
Thursday Tim prepared a wonderful Christmas/New Years feast. You can see the pictures and almost smell and taste the PRIME RIB!

It was cooked to perfection.
Even the three dogs enjoyed licking the platter
for their Christmas treat.

We all enjoyed listening to both Melissa and her dad, Jeff serenade us with guitar music and Christmas carols and hymn's. This is Jeff's guitar of many years that he recently gave to Melissa when they were visiting us over Thanksgiving. She has done a great job of learning to play and we all know she can sing! We had a great time and treasure the memories of our three Christmas celebrations at three separate places. We put on over 1860 miles on our new Chev Impala over the two weeks time. We are thankful for the good weather and roads and we especially Thank God for a loving caring family he has given us.

Happy Blessed New Year 2012 to all of you!

I just had to leave a good taste in your mouth with pictures of these delicious deserts. ENJOY!