Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthdays and other fun times.

Our daughters made our Birthdays special this year. Our youngest daughter had just arrived at my parents (her Grandparents) home in Eastern ND when she surprised Jeff on his 61st birthday with a beautiful hand crafted cake. You can see the boat, the fishing rod in his hands and even a fish at the end of the line. There are cat tails and rocks around the lake and even ducks. What a work of art. It was a total surprise for him too.
Since it was just a week earlier since I had my birthday, she also surprised me with this beautifully decorated garden cake. It had flowers, grass,a bird house, seed packets, garden trowel and gloves, even a white picket fence around the sides. I also was very surprised.

Below, my first cousin Harriet brought over a unique Birthday cake for my husband on his birthday. Four donut's with a candle. We all sang Happy Birthday and he blew out the candle.

Our youngest daughter cutting the cake and serving for afternoon coffee/lunch at 3 pm.
Below is a picture from My birthday celebration when we were spending a few days at our oldest daughters home with her, her husband and our 5 grandchildren. These delirious grilled rib's were a special treat. My son-in-law makes great tasting rib's, you might say I pigged out!
My oldest daughter made a scrumptious cream puff cake with vanilla pudding and then whip cream drizzled with chocolate. I know your mouths are all watering now. I loved it and can still almost taste the sweet rich flavor.
There were even candles and they sang a beautiful Happy Birthday to me and also God Bless you today. A glass of wine was also a nice treat. Below is a picture of everyone enjoying the Delicious Birthday dessert.
This is our oldest granddaughter top right and middle granddaughter bottom right with some really great friends who are also home schooled.
Our oldest granddaughter is 13 yr old. Below she is at the 4 H cake auction. Her dad is in back of her with her sister next to her.

The boy in the center with the big smile is our 12 yr old grandson. These twin boy's have been very good friends for many years. They also are home schooled and members of the same LCMS church, and 4H club. Below our grandson and his father check out a baseball catchers mitt for next season.

Our 9 yr old granddaughter loves sparkles, is in 4H, and was being a big help with the fresh corn on the cob.
She has a wonderful imagination,and plays very well with all children, younger or older. She has big beautiful eyes and a nice smile for everyone.

This is our 6 yr old grandson. He is always on the go.

He looks so handsome in his Sunday go to meeting cloths.
Now this is the "BABY" of the family and she thinks she is a big girl. Well, I guess I have to admit that she is getting big fast. she will be turning 3 yr old the end of September. She is so much fun.
She loves her Papa Jeffey., and he loves her too.
She helped with the corn and she seems to think she can do everything her older brother does.
She loves having books read to her. As soon as we finish one she comes with another.

We had a hot dog roast in the back yard. It was great fun.
We got to go swimming in their big pool set up at their other grandma's home. It was a perfect day to cool off and have a lot of fun in the water. Marco! Polo! Marco? Polo!

Fun at the fair. The rides were up but would not be running until latter that week. Our youngest granddaughter just had to walk around and check out the rides she was hopeing to ride on.
She called this the "CANDY SHOP"
Our oldest granddaughter modeled a dress she had sewed for her confirmation and won a couple trophies and ribbons for construction and modeling. She is a lovely girl and does a nice job sewing.
A purple ribbon for her 5 tomatoes she entered. Good Job!
Every year there is a cake auction with half the money going to the county 4H and the other half going to the 4H member who baked the cake. It is fun to watch. Our oldest granddaughter made a Greman Chocolate cake with the carmel nut frosting. YUM! Below our middle granddaughter made 16 sugar muffins, topped with buttery sugar and cinnemann. I know how delitious these are becouse she practiced a couple days earlier and we got to eat the muffins. YUMMY YUM!
We had a great 2 weeks
with family and friends. The Behm reunion on Aug 13th was great. My next blog will include many pictures from the reunion. We hope you have taken special time this summer to enjoy family and friends.