Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Visiting the Grandchildren

When we visit our children, we get to witness Homeschooling in process. Both our Daughters home school their children. Our Grandchildren are doing very well. Above you will see Ansir in deep thought while he completes a science test. He did very well, a "B+"

Here he is doing a art project. But as he dose this, he is learning about a special art from years gone by, a special art that started over 2000 years ago. I also got to take part in this part of his home schooling, making Ukrainian Easter Eggs.

Home schooling dose not stop when we visit! Here we got to watch our grandchildren do math, history, English, writing, listen to them read to us, and much more.

Hear our just 5 yr old grandson is patiently waiting his turn to get his letter and number paper so he could practice his writing. If I remember correctly, his letter was a R and his number was a 5. I also got to color with the two younger grandchildren during their art.
Piano practice is very much a part of their day. The three older grandchildren all take piano lessons and do very well. I am always amazed at how much they have improved from one visit to the next.
The youngest is only 18 months but she keeps herself occupied while mom works with the other children. She is very much into learning to buckle this strap.

She tried and tried!

And tried some more. She also likes to color and try write with pen or pencil. She can't help it if it sometimes gets places where it should not be.
We enjoyed a very educational field trip to a History museum.
There was so much to see, read and learn about our history of our state and country.

There was also a hands on Imagination Station. Here they were pretending to be at a store stalking up Rice, flower, beans and sugar for the hard, long frontier winter.

They had dress up cloths. Isn't she a doll?

We had a great time and all 6 of our grandchildren are learning so much. I know they are way ahead of where I was at when I was their age.
The one on one teaching, learning sure has it's advantages and we are very proud and happy that our daughters can take on this big responsibility. They are doing a great job.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun with the Grandchildren

Papa Jeffy with the youngest, 18 mo old. Loving the nice weather and the porch swing!

Our oldest granddaughter, 12 yrs old and loves to read. She finished this interesting book in just 2 days!

Our Grandson who just turned 11 yr old. He loves sports but Baseball has to be his favorite and he is anxiously waiting for the season practice to begin.
Our second granddaughter, who's 8Th birthday we were there for and got to celebrate. Maybe next year we can make one of the other birthdays. This year we got in on 3 of their birthdays and moms as well.

Our 5 yr old Grandson who just had his birthday in Feb. He is so much fun. He is doing a good job learning his letters and numbers and even writing them.

Here is that 18 mo old baby, just as sweet as she can be. She is saying a lot of words now and even knows her Papa and Nana! She loves to try do what the older children do.
She loves our dog Baxter and enjoys hand feeding him when ever she gets the chance. I think he likes it too.

Here she is feeding both their dog Toby and our 13 yr old Baxter dog.
The Birthday Party!

The theme she choose for her 8Th birthday was Wizard of Oz "Ruby Slippers" Her mother did a excellent job with the Ruby slippers birthday cake while her Dad and I enjoyed the Chip Monk movie with her and 5 others.
Here she is blowing out the candles with her two best friends watching.
I will update with more fun pictures soon. We had a great trip and fun week stay.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Western North Dakota

As we got to the western part of ND, it was quite foggy as it had been all week. This is Alamo, ND and the Yellow House is Tim and Melissa's.
We had a fun time making Ukrainian Easter Eggs with the hot wax, die and more hot wax and die. It takes a while but so much fun and rewarding to see the egg after it is finished. I made the blue egg with the deer and melissa the deep green egg.

Hot wax design. The deep brick with all the white is the egg Melissa was working on. Mine is the one with the fish. Not quite so hard as hers. They are raw so I was very pleased that we made it to the finish without one breaking!

This is the youngest pet, Misty. She is very soft and pretty about 5 mo old.
Here is Ansir with Rosco Dog

The very sweet Ruby cat.

Since all three Birthdays were close together we took their gifts. This is Ansir excited about opening his gifts.

Melissa with her gift of 30 glasses.

Melissas Birthday is tomorrow, St Patricks day so I will certainly be thinking about her on her 35th Birthday. It's a big one but just think about how big mine was last Aug.

Tim with his Birthday gift, new warm hooded jacket. His Birthday is April 3rd, day before Easter.

Tim stopped by for Lunch with his big rig. He said this is one of the small loads, a tiny Combine.

The Kitchen

Living room right side.
Left side of living room, She has a wall of cross's

Dining room.

The master Bedroom

Living Room

Cross wall.

Bathroom. It was fun to visit with them all settled in their new comfy home. I love that they have their own home and wish them many years of happiness there.