Friday, June 19, 2015

Hawaiian Adventure - Flowers

I enjoyed the flowers while we were in Hawaii.  I took way lots of pictures of many different flowers and a lot of duplicates with my 2 cameras.   
Below, I will start with the State Flower,  not just any "Hibiscus"  but this  "Yellow Hibiscus".  This one was very big as you can see.   The state flower always has that red center.  

Our open air hotel lobby was decorated with many beautiful "Orchids" of many different sizes and colors.  

This is a "Bird of Paradise" flower.   You can see why it is called bird, kind of looks like a bird.  These flowers were often seen in floral arrangements.  

I don't know the name of a lot of these plants.  This is some kind of "lily"   Jeff and I did go on a 2 hr garden walk tour where we were told many names, details and history of flowers, trees and plants.  It was hard to hear him due to a large crowd of people and he didn't have a mic.

 These are "Ginger" plants and unique blossoms. 

I think these and above are called Bougainvillea.  This is a very close up picture.
 I am not sure what this beautiful blossom plant is called.   I did over hear some local land owner talking about it and that it has thorns and is not a good plant to have in ones yard.  Hard to control and if it is not pruned or trimmed, it dose not bloom.

I was amazed at this plant.  This is the flower and it is over a foot long and about 4" across.  It gets it's seeds inside these red things.   This exotic plant is called a " Heliconia".

This is the flower from the big monkey tree.  

This is a "Crown of Thorns" plant.  

You can see all the thorns on the stem of this "Crown of Thorns" plant.   My mother always had a beautiful plant like this, Indore though.  She would twin it around wire to make it look like a round thorn crown and the small red flowers remind us of the drops of blood shed by our loving Savior for the price of all our sins. 

This is the "Weird Sausage Tree"   I thought they look more like peanuts but they are big, like a foot by 5 inchs round.  I think I heard Elephants like to eat those peanut looking things that hang down on long vines.

This is called a "Shell Shrimp Ginger"   notice how this un-opened blossom looks a little like a shell.  Then it starts to open and only takes about 5 minutes once it starts to open.    Now that is weird too.  

I do not know what this is called or also the plant or blossom below.  I took pictures of different flowers in different stages of blooming.  This plant gets tall and the blossom is a good 8 to 10 inchs tall.

A type of Ginger plant.

This is the most popular flower in Hawaii,  You see many women wearing them in their hair and also in leis.     This is the very fragrant "Plumeria".   I think it is funny how it blombs at the top of these dead looking shrub, bush looking tree.  Most that I saw were white with a tiny yellow in center but they do come in many colors when it is the right season.   See the chart below.
We found this one laying on the ground so I got a close up.


This tree with the lighter leaves produces the Jewel Nuts that are used for necklaces and have a very special meaning,  like if you wear them you will be very strong and wise.

I dont know what these were, they looked like olives but these tiny birds just loved them.

This is a Java plant.

I did not catch the name of this bush or flower tree but these blossoms are only open for one day.  Open in morning and are all done and drying up by night.  

I just had to show my beautiful fragrant "LEI" again.  It is made from Stephenotis and carnation. 

Lots of little orchid like flowers to make wrist "LEI"