Friday, June 14, 2013

April Round Robin part 3 of 3 Nebraska

 After being snowed in at Watertown, SD. for a day, we made our way to our Oldest daughter's family.  We thank God for the guidance and protection during our many miles of travel.  It did turn out that April was the month to be away from Rapid City where 3 major snowstorms hit while we were gone and dumped more then 3 feet of snow.  We thank wonderful friends and neighbors for taking care of our snow removal.  
 Once we arrived at our daughters, my husband Jeff could present our youngest granddaughter with a wood stick horse that he had been working on during the winter months.  She loved it and immediately named him "LEVI"    Who would have guessed. I would have thought with the light main and ears and pink rope it might have been a girl horse with a girl name, but no,  it was a "HIM".
 We saved the March Birthday gifts to personaly deliver in April.   Wow!  Our 14 yr old grandson got his very own "DUCK DYNASTY" t-shirt.  socks and wait a minute, what was in the socks?
 A "SNARK"  that can be used to tune his guitars and mandolin.  He has become quite the musician and picks up on playing different instruments very quickly.  I know he got that from his Papa Jeff.  
 Next birthday would be our 11 yr old granddaughter.  She loved her new green t-shirt and "CLUE GAME" and also enjoyed the Hula hoop with lights.  Below she poses with her special grand surprise gift from her mom and dad.  She got to pick out special look alike characteristics and order an American Doll.      
 I think she did an excellent job and  YES, she dose look a lot like her.
 Another winter project that Papa Jeff had been working on was repairing this older violin and putting new strings on it.  He figures if they have the instrument, someone will learn how to play it.   She was able to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before we left for home.
 The four oldest grandkids were practicing a lot of piano, getting ready for the spring recital.  
 Here is our youngest grandson trying his hand (or rather his waist) at hula hooping.  He did a great job at it, at one point he even had 2 hula hoops going at the same time.  

 OK, I know it was a little late for Easter but you know Nana's with fun things,  We just had to have a Easter Egg hunt for the kiddo's.  Lots of fun for them and for me.  Each egg had a special surprise inside.

 Some were hid in rather strange places, like the purple egg in the exhaust of the family Suburban.

 This is Rusty cat.  I am not real sure he knows he is a cat.  He certainly enjoys riding in the stroller.  Even being buckled in.  He is our oldest granddaughters cat but the whole family enjoys him.

 Nana just had to pick up a few cute things for the kids at the store.  And yes, even the older kids got something.  Batman Fedora, Ferry princess t-shirt with stripe pants,  The older kids got jeans and sun glasses.  
She is ready for the Concert.  black skirt and white blouse, and boy can she sing!
 I had the great privilege to watch and listen to our 3 older grandkids sing in a home school concert.  It was great, way better then I could have imagined.  It consists of 3 separate choirs with a total of 100 voices or better.   They sounded so good, I would encourage them to make CD's to sell.

 Sporting that new  Batman Fedora. 
 Play time,  We had fun playing  MAKEOVERS! 
   Makeup is always a big hit with little girls.

 Our oldest granddaughter is not only beautiful but she is such a big help.  Here she is helping prepare Cinnamon toast for breakfast while I made the scrambled eggs.  OH,  I don't think I mentioned that Jeff and I got to watch the 5 children while their mom and dad attended a conference in TX.  It was a great time, busy but GREAT.  Mom and dad had lots of notes, charts and schedules all organized and printed out which made our busy schedule a lot easier for both us and the grand kids.

 Would you believe Papa Jeffie just happened to find a pink guitar for our sweet little granddaughter.  She was overjoyed.    She had to have a little patience while he put strings on it and got it tuned up for her.

 This is  TOBY DOG,  he spends most of his time outside.  
 Our grandson trying out his new BAT that he bought.   It looked like it worked quite well.  We weren't able to watch one of his games as they had only started  their practice for the year.  I hear he is doing quite well for his team though.

 OH NO!  Look who found her brothers fadora.  CUTE AS A BUTTON!
 Strings are on and time to try a tune.   Play that pink guitar!
 Papa with 2 of his special girls. 

 Mom helps tie the "white belt" for Ninjutsu.  He and his oldest sister really get into this sport.  I not so much.  It looks to me like it would hurt a lot.  They learn a lot in their weekly lessons


Striking a pose.  

It was a great trip to visit many loving family members.