Friday, November 30, 2012

The Concert

 On Nov 18, 2012 we enjoyed watching our two oldest granddaughters sing with the Lincoln Homeschool Choirs.  The large group was divided into three groups.  The youngest group was called Preparatory Choir and had 21 members.  They sang beautiful.    Above you will see the second group with 35 middle age members, they were called Deo Gratias and our 10 year old granddaughter sang her heart out.   It was a joy to watch her and the enthusiasm and love she has for singing.  

 Our 10 yr old granddaughter is the second from the right in the middle row.  The one with the dark hair and red bow.

 Our oldest granddaughter, end of back row, sang with the Coram Deo choir of 34 members.  She is absolutly beautiful and reminded me so very much of her mother as she sang in many quality choirs in her teen years.   I was amazed at the hard songs they sang and the wonderful job they did.  Their director was very talented and did a great job teaching the choirs.
 This is the

 After the concert all the members lined the hallway that led to the refreshment room.  

 Our youngest granddaughter had her eye on one certain cookie out of the dozens of choises.  Here she is enjoying the sweet treat.  FINGER LICKING GOOD!

Both girls were very kind to pose for a few photo's.  They know their Nana with her camera!
 You can see that little 4 yr old granddaughter wanted to sneak in for a picture too. What a fun evening for Papa and Nana.  The whole family has lovely voices.  It is very special to sit in church and listen to their beautiful voices praise and worship our Lord.  


Golden brown Thanksgiving Turkey with  "Bacon" on top.

 My daughter, the cook.
 Dressing (stuffing)  with "Bacon" on top.
 Creamy smooth mashed potatoes with "Bacon" on top.
 Delicious seasoned green beans withy "Bacon" on top.
 Beautiful table with the light of the days warm sun shining through the dining room windows.
 Birk, the man of the house carves the turkey.
After giving thanks for the many gifts God has given us, we were ready to enjoy the tasty Thanksgiving meal.