Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Road Home Adventures

This beautiful sight, sun set was seen the evening before we left WV.

Louisville KY, This is a big fuel refinery.
This big bridge was crossing the OHIO River.
Now this sign speaks for itself.
This old , did I mention OLD cemetery was close to our first camp ground. We accidentally found this old abandoned town of Leavenworth. Only a restaurant, this old general store and a few homes. It is very close to the OHIO River and was flooded out so a bigger better city of Leavenworth exist at higher ground. We sure did enjoy looking at all the goods and antiques in this store.
The Ohio River towards the left!

The Ohio River towards the right!
A town named Santa Claus!

Yep! It's Santa Claus alright!

We stopped at Abraham Lincolns Boyhood home.
When he was only 7 yrs old, in 1816, His family moved from Kentucky to Spencer County, Indiana. There they home steaded on 160 acre claim.
Built a Log home, barn and cleared trees for crop.

His mother died in October of 1818 and is buried in this family cemetery on their land.

There is now a railroad track that goes through the property. Hey, what is that bright light I see way in the distance?
Yep, It's a train alright. The Hoosier Southern!
I loved all the split rail fence. We even got to witness some people building more fence.

It is such a pretty sight!

The replica of the family log home and some of the furnishings.
The farm barn as it might have looked.

Here we are at St Lewis. I loved looking at the big arch at about sunset.
The big bridge, the boats and barges.

These were all taken through our van window as we were on a very busy interstate and congested traffic. I was very thank full my husband was driving and did a great job too.

This beautiful twin steeple church just my beckoned my camera to take a picture of it.
It was late and by the time we found the camp sight, it was time to relax a bit and get rested up for another fun day.
This little lake was quite close to the camp sight, early in the morning it was so clear you can hardly tell where the edge of the water is.
This picture is even harder to tell the shore line.

We found these long thick strong vines growing in the tall trees.
My husband used to swing from these years ago when he was a child. They would pretend they were Tarzan! He didn't want to try it this time though.
We went to this cave.
You can see how big it was. I was in the cave taking the picture out the opening.
It really was quite big.
They say that people used to live in this cave many years ago.

We stopped at Boonville. This is also close to Boon Lick which is a natural salt area. This is one of the areas Daniel Boone traveled.
This pretty sight is where the Missouri River used to go. It is also on the ledge of a flint hill. The Indians used to dig this flint to make arrows and other weapons.

We saw these Amish people in a store, I know they do not like their picture taken so I just snapped one far away picture as they were leaving in their Horse drawn buggy. I thought I would bring it closer up so you could see it better.
I guess this guy thought he was our mascot. He hitched a ride for over 300 miles and was just outside my window. Aren't you glad I saved this one till the last?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer Fun

We enjoyed a lot of fun with our family for several days before our WV trip and a week after the trip. Here are some fun pictures to show you what we did!

What fun we had while spending time with our children and grandchildren.
Above, our two lovely daughters with out 5 precious grandchildren enjoying the coolness and fun at a local pool.

Oh yes, I was a part of the fun too and my youngest daughter snapped this picture.


I'll show you how to get wet! It sure was fun watching the sprinkler antics.

WOW! A fashion show with look alike dresses . Even the dog got in the show!

We had just finished seeing who could make the funniest face, Guess one was still practicing. Here they were excited to open gifts from one of our friends, my cousin.
Baking wonderful cookies for the county fair. Yum! Believe me, they were very good.

LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU! I will sing and tell jokes.

Looks like someone thinks the jokes are funny! LOL!
What a fun unique pass time. Whittling a Buffalo. Grandfather with grandson!
We just had to help prepare these green beans for supper. Head and Tailing!

It just looked like too much fun, the 3 yr old had to get involved too!
What a special day when we all attended the baptism of a very close friend.
Here our 5 grandchildren pose with the sweet baptism girl and her mother.
We all enjoyed a meal out. What a fun treat!
We all had to take our turn holding the guest of honor. What a blessing it is to be adopted into Gods family through the water and the Word, Holy Baptism.

More delicious cookies for the county fair. Look at the shiny pink sprinkles on the lavender spritz cookies. The Judge said they had very good flavor! I agree!
Yea, a girl hat tea party . I loved the fancy pitcher and glasses.

Hey, your not a girl! Well at least he is wearing a hat!

We used sidewalk chalk to draw roads, stop signs, and buildings. Can you find the church? We called it T-Caw County
We all took turns helping this 6 yr old learn to ride her bike. Looks like this was mom's turn. Yes, she learnt how! Good Job! Riding bike will come in handy since she has already won 2 shiny new bikes.

OOPS! Who said home schooling is fun?
The grandchildren found big seed pods on a tree and decided to paint them to make swards. NOW THAT'S FUN!

Microwave pop corn made in the camper. It just has to taste better if it is made in the camper, right?
Guess what the kids found in the camper van?
A couple box's left over 4th of July sparklers.
It was a good thing to use them up. FUN TOO!

We got to have a picnic on the porch. The grandchildren thought sitting on a blanket in the front yard was very fun.

Watching a bug as mom turns this into a homeschooling experience.
The two dog's always asking for treats! DID SOMEONE SAY TREAT?
JUST A SWING EN! I guess I see a little Popsicle eaten too!
We enjoyed going to a local park to watch the Melodrama. Here are the girls with the lead actress after the show named Dismal Flats. It was fun, with all the pooing, hissing and throwing of pop corn!
Time to say good bye! We will have lots more fun next visit!