Sunday, October 28, 2012

Reformation Carnival at the Porcupine Lutheran Church.

 Preparations for the Reformation carnival were many and shared by all the members of our mission team.  These are the posters for labeling each booth and letting everyone know what color ticket they needed for each booth or game.  Each got 6 different color tickets.    Top left was the Adam and Eve, Fall Into Sin.   This was the bobbing for apples with Larry and Doris Belitz.   The tower of Babel was the yellow ticket. This was presented by Jennifer and Jim Tilley, it was Bowling,  thus scattering the people and knocking down the tower.   David and Goliath was red ticket  and a Nerf gun was used to shoot at Goliath.  Green was Jesus the Good Shepherd.  This was pin the tail on the sheep. or get the lamb in the pen, ran by Pastor Al Sutton and wife Sarah.  Fishers of Men and the Pumpkin Prayer was supplied by Jeff and Diane Falin.  The Fishing booth was very popular with donated books as the prize.  The Pumpkin toss was to get the glow bracelets over the pumpkin stem.  You will see many pictures of all these further down.      

 Many people, about 29 adults and 45 children showed up for our worship service.  This was the fourth in a series of covering the Bible with God's plan.   This Sunday was on Abraham and how we, as believing Christians are all part of his family, as many as sand on the sea shore.
 After the worship service Larry Belitz did a excellent job with Reformation.  He used CPH flannel graph pieces to tell the story of Martin Luther, latter he used Christian magic to explain that indulgence was not the truth and needed to be exposed as false.    Below you can see his finish with THE END.    

 Everyone started the Reformation carnival by decorating and writing their name on a white bag.  These had their 6 "FREE"  tickets inside and would be used to carry the six Bible lesson cards and prizes they received from each booth.
Bobbing for Apples!  I am not sure how many had ever tried these game before!  They did enjoy it a lot and also the Apple and Bible lesson of Adam and Eve.

 Larry and Doris provided this fun Bobbing for Apples booth.  you can tell this little guy is trying to find the easiest apple or maybe the biggest apple.  
  YEA!  He got his apple.    This is the Adam and Eve booth,  Fall into sin.

 Below is the Bowling with Jim Tilley working at their booth.  Knock them all down and "scatter" those pins! Everyone got a story card and yummy bag of Halloween shaped pretzels.

David and Goliath booth with Arron manning the booth.  The popular treat from this booth was a decorated cookie donated by Ilene's Cookies.  You should have seen the line up for shooting at Goliath!

The all time favorite  FISHING BOOTH was ran by two special guests for the day.  They did a excellent job and we were all so thankful that they could come spend the day with us and be such a big help.  The prizes were reader books that were donated by a very good friend's of mine who had the opportunity to visit our Porcupine Mission Church during summer.   Thank You Leslie and Ryan, the children were very excited to get a fun book at the end of the fishing line.

The Pumpkin Toss with Jeff Falin at the booth.  It was quite hard to get those glow rings around the stem but there were some who were quite good at it.  Young and old had a blast with this game.  

NO ,  that tail dose not go there!  A fun way to learn about Our Good Shepherd.  Pastor Al  and Sarah Sutton had a lot of fun working at this booth.  

 Pin that tail on the lamb.    The treat was a small bag of M&M's.  Look at that line.  We were all pleasantly surprised at the great turn out for our carnival.

 Almost got that glow bracelet over the stem!

 A mother instructs her young son how to do the Pumpkin toss.  They all went away with a prize of Green glow in the dark Bible Verse bracelet and a card with the Pumpkin Prayer . Handing out 5" X 7" Bible lesson cards from all 6 booths is a good way to get God's word into the homes of many. We pray they will read and share these with their family and friends.

 The final part of our big day was to share a meal together.
 It was a great day and we pray that God will use His word and the message of His Love and Forgiveness according to His will.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Memorable week

This was a great week, Jeff and I enjoyed a lot of quality fun time with our Daughter, son-in-law and five grandchildren the last week in September.   Here we are in the hills with our grandchildren.  It was a gorgeous time to be in the trees,   
 Our grandchildren enjoyed the fountains at Main Street Square.  It was warm enough the last week in September.  It was so much fun watching them.

 After the fun we all enjoyed a cool drink.  Smoothie's and Ice Coffee.
 Fun at the park with beautiful fall color.

 Rapid City has a life size bronze sculpture of a US President on every corner at the intersections of down town.  We enjoyed walking a few blocks to look at a few of them, this one you can identify as Pres George Washington.  Maybe sometime we will be able to look at all the presidents and read the short descriptive plaque.
 We have a interesting alley in the down town area that started out with a little graffiti and has turned out to be an  attraction and is now called  ART ALLEY.

 This music painting is often the back drop for young bands during the Thursday  "Summer Nights"

Watching Jeff clean a couple of Northern fish.

Monday, October 15, 2012

A great week with family

 Up in the Black hills, wanting to pan for GOLD but the creek was all dry.  We still had a great time walking, climbing and picking out flat smooth rocks to paint on.

 Our youngest granddaughter loves to be Papa's shaddow and do whatever he is doing.
 After a wonderful church service on Sunday, I got a nice picture of mom with the five children.
 Fun times with Papa's Banjo and Mandolin.

 Here we are enjoying the Buffalo roundup.   Hey, do you see them coming over that far hill?

 Enjoying our "waiting-for-buffalo"  time with close friends and their two precious children.

 Here they come,  see all that dust?    There they are walking to the corrals. 

 Helping clean and getting ready for her special 4th Birthday party at Papa and Nana's house.

 Fun at the Blue grass jam at the Gaslight in Rockerville. Great music from a group of amateur players.
That is Papa in the center with the banjo.

 Helping her Nana water the flowers.

 A fun day at the lake with a picnic, hiking and boating.
 OH YES,  skipping rocks and fishing too.

 I am not sure who enjoyed this boat ride more,  Papa or the little driver on his lap!

 A very beautiful lake set in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
More blog to come with family fun.  We certainly enjoyed our time with our daughter, son-in-law and 5 grandchildren.  We are so thankful they could come and spend a week with us.  I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.   Our family's are a special gift from God and we give thanks and praise for them all.