Saturday, June 28, 2008

Flowers, Flowers And More Flowers!

I will start with a few of my mothers flowers. My mother has many african violets on a coffee table in her livingroom. She has had these for some 25 years or more. As you can see from the picture below, they bloom absolutly beutiful and almost year round. This is one of her outdoor petunias and I thought the red edged in white was very unique.

Below is her flower garden that has various flowers blooming all summer long. This was over a week ago and now she tells me that the bright orange oriental poppies and peonies are open.
One of her big columbines, sorry, a little out of focus!
This is a big spirea bush that has been there since I was a little girl. It was just hanging full of blossoms. My mother dose a very good job with her flowers and she is 87 yr's old!
Now to my sister-in-laws flowers!
I could not believe how big and brilient blue these petunias were.

I love the way she uses the old cut down tree as a hanger and the other neet decorations, the old radio flyer wagon, the lantern and the old broiler tub!

These colorfull panzies really cought my eye!

These are the brilient pink/purple petunias also hanging on a tree stump.
These hangers were just loaded with flowers. It was like they just couldn't bloom enough!
This unusual rock also adorns her rock flower garden. I believe my brother found it when he was fixing fense. It is especially heavy.

Now to my flowers!

With all the moisture this spring and cool weather, the roses are
bigger and fuller then I have ever seen them. This is the white bush on south side of our house.

These two pictures were also taken on South side of house.

Now to the East side. I liked the shaddow on this picture.

My very tall snap draggon.
This is a balloon flower and grows like a weed. It spreads and spreads.
My miniture roses, about the size of a 50 cent piece.
Violet blue salvia the peranial.
Notice the out of focus bee enjoying the sweet pollin or nectar.

I just had to include my snow ball bush with the very large flowers this year. They are just finished now but I sure enjoyed them when they were open.

These are my big orange lillies that just opened yesterday. They have so many blossoms this year and each flower ishuge! I love all the rain that is a wonderfull blessing only God our creator can provide.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Remember this picture of my garden from June 5Th? This was just before our 10 day vacation to ND. We have had a lot of rain and has very much been good for the earth including my garden.
This is what it looked like a week ago when we returned from ND.
It is even bigger now and we have had 3 showers since.

Above is the green beans, carrots, squash etc.
Below is our cauliflower, then cabbage from seed, green peppers and tomatoes.
The two pictures above are from the East, you can see the radish, lettuce onions and sugar peas. The sugar peas have grown to 3 feet tall now and I was starting to wander if they would ever bloom and produce peas.

Well would you believe that this morning when I went out to the garden, way at the top of the sugar peas were white blossoms. I have never had or seen sugar peas grow so tall.

Below is the path leading to my parents garden. I have always loved this shaded path. It used to be more of a walk trail, now you can see it is larger and a 4 wheeler trail as my ageing father has bad legs and always rides the 4-wheeler to do work in the garden.
This very old water can sits under the trees at the edge of the garden trail.
It is a unique picture of years gone by.

Now this is my mom and dads garden. It looks great and to think my mom is 87 and my dad is 89 yr old. They both have their birthdays in September so they are almost 88 and 90. My brother helps them till the garden and my husband and I did some weeding when we were there. We hope they get a lot of fresh produce from their hard work.

This is my brother. He is standing at the far North end of his large garden.

Hear he is in his garden. It has a very good start and I'm sure will produce a lot of vegetables. He also shares some with my parents. He only lives about 1 1/2 mile from our parents.
This picture is toward the South. You can see how big his garden is.
This is their house from the North end of the garden. It's a beautiful setting for a home nestled in the tall trees. I know that first hand since when my husband and I were first married some 36 years ago we had a trailer house setting about where the white marker is on this picture. It was backed into the trees and was very nice. That is when I got to care for that large fertile garden!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

BEHM FAMILY sing-a-long

I have been away on vacation for about 10 days. My husband and I traveled 9 hours to spend time and visit with my parents.
We then came home by way of our youngest daughter to visit them after their recent move to ND.
I will be blogging more about out trip and visit but first I need to blog about the Behm Family sing-a-long' It was a very enjoyable time.
Every Year for the past 10 years or so, my uncle with the guitar organizes a sing along for and with my two older aunts who live in MN. This family with 11 children have always been musical with singing and playing of instruments such as guitar, violin, mandolin, harmonica, horner and juice harp. Many years ago in the 30's and 40's and 50's they would play for entertainment, shiveries, barn dances and such! Through the years,we have all enjoyed and learnt many of the songs.

My 95 1/2 year old aunt played the harmonica. I was amazed that she still had the breath to play the whole song. I have a short video at the bottom of this blog.

My Aunt at the right has always had a beautiful voice and still dose. She is bashful with her singing but with a lot of coaching and convincing from my uncle, she dose a very good job. They go to many retirement and nursing homes to sing and entertain.

This was just before we all ate a wonderful noon meal at the Senior Citizen center. There were 20 of us and most from North Dakota. My Mom and Dad are the closest on the Left!

This is my mother in the orange sitting next to her 95 and 1/2 yr old sister. She is the oldest of 11 children. I think they are listening to their younger brother discussing something. There are 7 of the Behm children still alive but only 5 could make it to this event. My Aunt,the second oldest is almost 94 yr and was feeling a little under the weather and not up for a 2 hr drive. My uncle,the youngest of the 11 children had recently had a hip replacement and thus could not make the trip either.
This is the 4 girls who were there. The two on the left married brothers and moved to MN for most of their life. They are both in a retirement home now since their husbands have both been called home to the Lord.
The five children who were there.
This is the original generation with spouses.
Here we are, the cousins who were able to attend. We had a great time singing and visiting.

The Apple pie wasn't bad either. My 92 year old Aunt baked all these pies and had all 20 of us in her apartment for Pie Alla mode. What a great treat! You can see we were almost wall to wall people but then that's the way we like it. We sure enjoyed seeing one another once again.
It was my Aunt at the close up right who baked the scrumptious pie!

God has richly blessed this family. They were all brought up as Christians and still remain Christians with a true love for Christ Jesus our Saviour.