Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Grandmothers Dresser

This is my grandmother on my mothers side, old dresser! It is beautiful! My grandmother Ella, had it for years out at the farm and then when they moved into town, it moved with them! I remember it very well, I can just see it setting in her bedroom with special things on it. One thing I always remember was a blue musical powder box that sat toward the left side. It played beautiful soft music when the lid was lifted. After my grandmother went to her home in heaven, the dresser went to the oldest of 11 children, Ellen. Recently my 96 yr old Aunt Ellen had to move into a nursing home so Grandma's dresser went to her youngest daughter. She is such a sweet person, she loved the dresser but really thought it should go to someone who remembered it and to someone who was closer to Grandma. She had lived in another state so had only visited my Grandparents a few times. She thought about me and wanted me to have this memorable family treasure. I thank her very much for this and I absolutely love and treasure my grandma's dresser. As I was growing up and spending much time at my Grandmothers, I would have never dreamt that one day I would have that very dresser in my bedroom!

I would guess that this dresser is well over a hundred years old. As I look at the old tarnished worn handles and the scratch marks in the aged wood, I think about my grandmother opening these drawers to get things out. Possibly baby cloths or diapers since she almost always had a baby in the house, maybe her long socks or her Apron. Maybe the Dore on the right side held her well used Bible or catechism. Oh if only this dresser could talk!

Just look at the beautifully carved wood at the top of the old beveled mirror. I would bet this was hand carved, stained and varnished.

I think of the comb and hair brush that laid on this dresser and the many times she must have looked in this mirror, watching herself age just as we all do. I think of her beautiful long hair as she brushed it out every evening and morning. She normally wore it in a bun for daytime. I don't think she ever wore any makeup but with all the love my grandmother had, and her strong faith, the love of Jesus shown through her. I am forever thankful to God for the gift of My Grandmother.

Now it sets in our bedroom. It is a little crowded but I love it anyway. Who knows how many years I will be aloud to enjoy this gift, My Grandmothers Dresser. It will be passed down in our family and this bit of history will be passed along with it. Whoever gets my grandmothers dresser will never have known her but hopefully they will know of her love and how that love is also inherited and passed down from generation to generation.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Remember these tiny miniature red tulips from yesterdays blog?
Well this is what they looked like today when the sun was out bright and it was 80 degrees. I had estimated about 14, today I actually counted them and there are 26 tulips on this one bush.
Some are really much bigger then other years too, about the size of a cup! I guess that comes from lots of moisture and a snow packed winter.

A closer up picture so you can see how big they are.

I saw this big bumble bee today. I know that's a sign that spring is here.

These are a very early blooming ground cover, Vinca Minor, It grows just about anywhere. It only gets about 6 inch's tall and has royal purple flowers for at least a month in spring.

My Grandma Rose (because it is a shoot from my grandmothers original pink rose bush) is getting new spring leaves. A great sign of spring.

The tiny grape Hyacinths are coming out by leaps and bounds.

Everyone knows what this is! Yep, a fresh mown lawn, the first cutting and you all know that fresh incomparable new mown lawn smell!

I just had to include this picture. Just like a little child when you tell them to get out of the way. He just had to turn back and get in my new-mown-lawn picture. Look at that GUILTY look on his face.

I finished the lawn just in time, see those rain clouds on their way?

And my cat needed some attention too and did pose for this picture.
I hope you all take time to enjoy the spring sights and smells. It's a special blessing from God and a very special NEW LIFE time of year!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Would you believe...?

This was April 5th, just 15 days ago!
Palm Sunday 15 days ago, 13 1/2 inch snow over the foot from 1 week earlier.

This was another 5" snow on April 9th. Just 11 days ago.

SO Would you believe that today April 20th the early Tulips are blooming.
The lawn needs mowing too.

You can see where the cold 15 - 20 degree temp froze the edges of the tulip leaves. But they sure are tough and pulled through with flying colors!

These are some pink Hyacinths that are open today!

A couple of yellow Daffodils!

And more pink hyacinths. I plan to get a few more bright colors of hyacinths for next fall so next spring it will look more colorful. The grape purple hyacinths are about a week behind these.
I hope you are all enjoying beautiful spring weather and spending some time outdoors!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Battle of the SHINE!

After Church and lunch, My husband and me decided to shine the Tahoe's. He had washed them both and they turned out rather spotty! Especially the BLACK one. We went to Menard's and bought two different types of car spray and shine products.
He used the heavier wax type in the blue container!

And I used the lighter easier spray shine from the black container.
The Battle was on! THE BATTLE OF THE SHINE!

Notice the shine on the drivers side!
The 5 year old black above and the 10 year old blue below.


From the side. It's hard to pick the winner of the Battle of the SHINE!
What do you think? We both worked hard.
We hope the shine will last awhile now that the snow is thawed and the rain is finished.
It was a beautiful sunny, warm day to be outdoors.
Actually, it wasn't fair, his has way more chrome to shine!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter with my parents!

My home town church was as beautiful as ever decorated to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior JESUS! The communion service was great and the joyous voices about made the rafters ring as everyone sang the beautiful Easter Hymn's

My parents Easter Morning, My dad with his Easter Basket hat, WWII 90th division hat. I was
thrilled when I found it at the VA Hospital in Omaha. It even has the Tough Ombre patch, the one I always remember him showing me as a young child.

This is my husband and I with my parents on Easter morning!
Our 13 yr old grandson with his Papa and Nana. He is getting so tall! Our youngest daughter and family came to Niagara for Easter weekend too.

The Easter Egg coloring or dying! It is a family tradition and still loads of fun as you can tell as my father of 90 years old takes part in the fun!

My Niece and husband opened their lovely home for us, they had a total of 23 people there to enjoy a Delicious Easter meal.

They even used their New Wedding China and it was very elegant and beautiful.
Below is my Niece taking time out to hold her new nephew.
There are few things quite so important!
Great Grandma got her baby time !

Of course, Mom got in her baby time!

Dad too!

This is Mom and Dad and their new son at the Easter Worship! I love the way dad and his son match colors and that wasn't even planned. What a great way to start your family by bringing him to Church.

This is Grandma, She loves her new grandson and I can tell she treasures every minute with him.

This is Grandma with her first and only grandchild, She loves him dearly and bought this cute little Baby's First Easter outfit.

My youngest daughter loves babies and took her turn holding him. I love those little wrinkles in his forehead. When I look at them I think of my father, when I was a child always wrinkling up his forehead as he moved the top of his head forward and back. Something I have not seen anyone else do!

So, So Precious! I think the cute little chick feet really make the outfit!

You can tell when there is a new baby in the family, they get all the attention and that is the way it should be, he will only be a tiny baby for a short time.