Friday, October 31, 2014

Summer Adventure with grandchildren.

This summer like last summer, Jeff and I enjoyed having 3 of our grandchildren spend 12 days with us in July.  Our first leg of the fun adventure was the trip and the first and last night when we got to stay at a nice hotel with swimming and miniature golf.   

We had a blast when we went to a favorite place, Story Book Island with some good friends who we have not seen in awhile.  That adventure started out with a magic show and pictures with the princess. 

We just had to have pictures of the WIZARD OF OZ site. 

 This is a memory thing, for many many years we always took pictures with these children s parents, our now adult children in the YOGI BEAR BASKET.  

And here is one of those children, our good friend Leslie and husband Ryan.  It was so fun to spend time with them and their 2 lovely children. 

101 Dalmatians

A favorite was CAT IN THE HAT.

The fun train ride.

 Jeff and I with our 3 grandchildren.
 The Story Book Island land mark is the castle like gate.
               One last trip over the castle gate. 
 Good friends as we enjoyed a visit at Grandma Nancy's and Grandpa Jim's house.

Below was our outdoor Church service in the park with Worship first, a great picnic for all and lots of fun games and prizes.

I even did the 3 legged race with my grandson.  NO, we did not win but had a lot of fun.

 Canyon Lake park is great for crawdad hunting.  Not too many this year, but we sure had fun at such a beautiful park.

It was a beautiful day for a fun boat ride and fishing, 

Guess who caught the smallest fish?  

 Lots of fish and even got to drive the boat with Papa.

Fun with the 

Metal Detector!


 It is always so much fun to sit around the back yard fire pit and make s'mores.  YUM!

I think this was educational, School of Mines Museum.  Lots of fossils, rocks and minerals. 

 A trip with many many stairs, Dinosaur Park.   
             This counts for exercise.  

Family Night swim at the city swim center. 

Many jumps off the diving board. 

Swimming laps with Papa. 

A stop at the 1880 town and lunch in the old train.

It wouldn't be a trip to Nana and Papa's if we couldn't spend a fun hot summer day at Angostura Lake.  Lots of swim and sand time. A picnic from home too. 

 A stop at Hot Springs for another fun water adventure. 

A drive through Custer State park.  Much to see and was fun to drive with the sindows down and the warm breeze blowing through her hair. 

Another educational site, Mt Rushmore.  

                           A little goof off fun in the museum.


It was so fun to build special memories with our 3 youngest grandchildren.  There were other fun things such as shopping, cooking, back yard games and going for walks.  It was a full 2 weeks packed full of fun and excitement.