Saturday, January 14, 2017

Christmas 2016 Family pictures, Church decorations.

Jeff and I at Christmas 2016.  

Our oldest daughter shared a beautiful picture of their family at their Church Christmas Day

This picture is of our 5 grandchildren taken at their Church Christmas Eve.

Our youngest daughter and family when they spent a week with us over Thanksgiving.  I wasn't able to get a family picture of them at their church this Christmas and I couldn't post a video. The grandchildren were a shepherd and angel in the Children's service.

We had a snow storm over Christmas but we certainly did enjoy seeing many pictures of our family as they celebrated.  

So fun to see the big smiles as our grandchildren opened and enjoyed gifts we gave and other gifts from mom and dad and relatives.

Build A CAT Something special when dad can help his very handsome son build something.   

Fun with the cash register. Now she can play restaurant or store.

Looks like lots of fun things and many hours of playing to be had. Toy waffle maker. 

WOW!  It is a play mat rug.  

Calendar with lots of hand sewn on sequin's. about 32 inch's tall.  
For several years back in late 80's early 90's, one of my aunts would give my mother a craft yearly Calendar for Christmas. She would work diligently to get all the needle work and sequins sewed on. I kept one from 1991 that had six beautiful birds on. This Year I cut the six birds out , framed them in a 5 x 7 frame and gave one to each of the 4 granddaughters, one to her daughter in law and I kept this one for myself.
I had a very hard time deciding which bird I wanted to keep for myself but thought the one with the date was best and we actually have these little blue birds in the Black Hills.

When we spent a wonderful week with my mother, the end of May, she took me into her bedroom and discussed what she would give for Christmas gifts for 2016.  She said one of her old handkerchiefs and a piece of her jewelry.  She even pointed out a few things she wanted to give to certain granddaughters etc.  My mother got sick with a bad pneumonia in June and was called home to Heaven a day after her 95th birthday  on September 2.    

 It was a very fun, emotional time for me as I put together 12 box's for girls, 4 granddaughters, 6 Great granddaughters, a daughter-in-law and special niece. I also put together gifts for one grandson and 4 great grandsons.

Our youngest daughter was very excited and thrilled to receive this special ring, other pieces of her grandmothers treasured jewelry and a couple old handkerchiefs. 

Our youngest grandson was excited to see what special treasure he received from Great grandma.
He loved this special Angel ornament and also the canvas red bell great grandma had made.

More of the decorated 4' by 4' box's that were sent to ND in memory of my mom. 

My Niece took these pictures of the gifts and below of them wearing their Grandma's jewelry.  They were surprised and pleased to know Grandma had thought about them. 

A picture of some of the items included. 

This is a picture on Christmas Eve is our oldest niece, my brothers oldest child, Angel with her husband.  What a good looking couple.
This is our other niece, Amber with her husband and their 3 lovely children on Christmas Eve.  I am so happy they share pictures from time to time as we don't get to spend much time with them. 
These are our sweet twin's
 (our Niece's daughters). 

Now on to pictures of our Church.

Zion Lutheran Church Advent wreath. 

This decorated Christmas tree stands in the entry/narthex area of our Zion Church.  
Below is a close up of the Luther Seal decorations since it is nearing the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  These Luther Rose Seal was cut out of paper, snow flake style.  Each a little different just like real snow flakes and just like all humans who Christ Jesus came to earth as a baby to save from our many sins. 

The outside of our Zion church was decorated with garland, wreaths, lights and beautiful wood trees with special Christmas message.  Above is the whole view and below and to right is the close up view.  

This wreath is on the door leading
 into our Zion church.

The Christmas tree in our Church worship area was decorated so beautiful with lots of meaning in the ornaments and colors of balls and ribbons.
This is the big beautiful tree down town Rapid City, Main Street Square by the Ice Skating Rink.  

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas 2016, New Years eve and day 2017

This picture was taken by a resident of Rapid City early Christmas morning.  This is down town Rapid City,   Christmas turned out to be a bad snow storm with churches and most events canceled.  Many people were stranded around SD and thousands without power for several days but not in the Rapid City area.   We are thankful that we were safe in our warm home with plenty of food and power.  We could listen to Main Street Living LCMS worship service on TV and others on internet.  
Jeff and I on Christmas Eve when we had friends over for snacks and pie.

 I will show some of our out door decorations both at night with the lights and during the day.  
Back North side of our house.
This is the wreath I purchased from our Church craft sale, made from all Black hills
 greens and plants.
Front of our house.

New decoration with red Cardinals. 

 German souvenir shrank all decorated both without lights turned on and with the lights.  
Angel at top of tree is about 18 years old.  Proclaining that Jesus was born.
  For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior who is Christ the Lord.  Luke 2:11   

 Last year our pre lite tree  had some problems and all the lights quit shining.  So my husband took them all off and this year in place of the 600 pre lights, we used 200 led lights and  "WOW!"  are they bright.   I am the Light of the world whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the Light of life.  John 8:12 

Our German Pyramid.
 This also tells the true Christmas. 

Can't have Christmas without a few sweet treats both to eat and to share with friends and neighbors. 

 More decorations,  Nativity and below carolers proclaiming "NOEL, NOEL, born is the King of Israel."  Noel will be the next years theme for our annual friend party 2017. 

42 year old ceramic kittens that are actually not mine but are our oldest daughters as a gift from her Uncle and Grandparents when she was one year old.  One year, I will actually let her have these bright eyed little kittens.  The Red Cardinal in back was a gift from our friends the Snyders, and the lantern a gift from our friends the Renners.  (Both several years ago.)  

"And this will be a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.”  Luke 2:12

The little baby in manger was my this years gift at our annual friend Christmas party, themed Away in a Manger.  It is very old and I treasure it.  
The 3 crown ornaments were from our "We Three Kings Party" 2 years ago.   The snow flake was crochet by my mother  The dove of Peace is made of olive wood from Holy Land. 
 This year I grouped my loving departed family ornaments, my mom, dad and older brother,  who are celebrating Christmas in Heaven with Jesus.  My mother was called home to heaven September 2, a day after her 95th birthday.  We were blessed to be with her as God gently took her to her Eternal home.
The heavy cardboard angel is one from Germany, and the colorful ring ornament is probably considered a antique. As a child,
 I remember sitting with my brother and watching this turn and turn.  It has to be a good 65 years old or more. 

Angels on my kitchen window sill.

Angels as a gift from youngest daughter,
several years ago.
These are a few very nice Christmas cards we received this year.
  We appreciate them all but just cant show them all here. 

Out advent wreath all candles burning bright for the birthday of our King.  JESUS 

 Even though it was storming and Jeff and I were alone, we enjoyed a very delicious meal of prime rib, baked potato, home made roll, sugar peas and we had pecan pie a little latter.  

That pretty gift looks so nice under our Christmas tree.   We got this heated Bird Bath and Thermometer from our youngest daughter and family.  

 Below you can see that even though it is freezing outside, the birds can still get a drink of water.  We feed the birds too so this makes it very nice .  

OH MY, Another gift, this one is from our oldest daughter and family.  4 gifts to open.  Very very interesting.  Below you can see the nice slippers that were in one of the gifts.  

New Years Day worship service was our very wonderful Christmas Worship that had been canceled on Christmas due to the storm.

Jeff and I enjoyed a lobster tail New Years meal and latter we indulged in Banana cream pie.  Cant be too bad since it has fruit. 

Christmas salad or dessert dishes. 

 This is a special New Years treat that is in memory of my sweet dad.  I think he always had a slurp of good old Mogen David wine on New Years and if you knew him good enough, you would remember his favorite candy, chocolate covered Orange sticks.   This makes me smile just to think of it.  

Also I think of all the beautiful voices in Heaven praising our Lord and Savior.  I know it has to be wonderful for them, God promises, so it is. 

Watch for Christmas 2016  part 2 coming soon.