Saturday, January 19, 2019

Chicks and the chicken coop, last week in April 2018

The youngest "chick" in the family holding the tamest chick, a l
Leg Horn named Corporal . 

In April our oldest daughter and family decided to try their hand at chickens, yea fresh eggs.  They purchased 10 one day old chicks and then latter after loosing one to a Farrell cat, bought 2 more. The precious little chicks were adorable and they were nicely kept in a big storage tub for the first 3 or 4 weeks while the chicken coop could be built or changed from a back storage room of a garage to a nice hen house
Our daughter loved these sweet fluffy chicks. She has always had a heart for chickens and has wanted some for quite some time. They got 4 different types.   
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This was the very start to completing the chicken coop.  All the junk was cleaned out and here you can see the two youngest children eager to help were sweeping it out
Here you can see our grandchildren , supervised by Papa filling cracks with boards and nailing them in. They also had to measure for each section and help Papa cut the 2 x 4's to fit.

ABOVE, cleaning out the dirt/greese filled cracks with a screw driver or stick so those cracks could all be filled with cement. BELOW!

Even I got in the cementing action.  Every job is fun when you can do it with grandchildren!
Our youngest granddaughter and her Papa have always gotten along very well.  She was very helpful to help measure and hold the wood for Papa.

Above our grandson learnt some special measure tips and carpenter words.  He marked and helped cut boards with Papa.   BELOW is part of the nesting boxes that were about ready for the second row of 4.  YEP, 8 nesting boxes should be just fine! 

More of these two working together.  She catches on very fast, listens to her Papa and does a great job. 

Finally about 5 days later, after the roost was built and installed, the coop was ready for the chicks.   
These chicks are loved and well cared for!

Our daughter holds and spoils the chicks.  Who would guess her husband would grow to love these chicks just as much as she does. It is so much fun to watch them pamper these chicks.  10 are Chickens and one black Bantam is a Rooster.

Just in case you were wondering,  YES, they all have names!

I had to add my special touch to this cute chicken coop!  I sewed the chicken themed  ruffle for the nesting box and also the valance for the window.  Our daughter had the knitting chicken fabric leftover from a previous project. 

Putting the woods shavings in the nesting boxes.

Corporal, the one and only  Leg horn is getting a lot of attention from all 3 of our grandchildren. She is the tamest and seems to love the attention.

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Everyone adds a special touch as we each paint a chicken picture for in the old window frame.   It was a blast with so many giggles!

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all these cute painted pictures ready for "The  Lutheran Hen House"!

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YEP! Looks great! 
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Dad got the big job of building the chicken run, a completely fenced in on all sides, bottom and top cage for the chickens to enjoy outdoor fresh air and be safe from snakes and predators.

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She is standing right where her dad will cut the hen door and ramp.
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From these sweet little chicks to these beautiful hens in 3 months.
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The beautiful black bantam  rooster is the boss!
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They got their first egg on Aug 12 and since that time they have gotten plenty of fresh healthy eggs.  Here our granddaughter is sorting the eggs according to size.  The Leg Horn lays the biggest and the white eggs

This brings back so many memories of my childhood in ND on a farm.  We would get 100 baby chicks every spring, like around Mothers day .  We had them in a brooder house and I would spend hours watching them, talking to them and listening to them peep.  They were all Leg Horns and straight run, this means about half were roosters and half hens.  In early fall the roosters were all butchered and put in the freezer for winter Sunday Chicken dinner or soup.  The hens were carried down to the large Hen house with the hens from previous years.  We always collected between 40 and 70 eggs per day.  We then took these eggs (the ones that had not been sold to neighbors)  to the town grocery store 2 miles away and exchanged them for groceries.  That egg money along with the sold cream money sure kept our family in food, cloths and other things too.   2 doz eggs were given to our Church pastor every week.  They had 5 children so I am sure they appreciated them. Also my grandparents could have free eggs anytime they wanted them.  

Chickens are such a gift from God.    
The Bible even mentions a hen and chicks.
In Matthew 23:37 Jesus is talking.    Oh Jerusalem , Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it!  How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not!   

  Jesus is also telling us that, He loves us and wants to protect and love us if we would just quit pushing Him away.  There are pages of Jesus words from Matthew, chapter 20 to 27, and also in John.  If you have the red letter edition they are easy to find.  If not a bit harder but still as you read you will definitely know Jesus words, each with a special message for those who hear or read His word.      

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Grandson #3 confirmed, Homeschool concert April 2018.

Our oldest daughter, husband and 4 of their children.   
Our 13 yr old grandson confirmed his faith in April of 2018. 
 Below he is pictured with his 3 sisters.

Dad and Mom with their son.  

Papa Jeff and Nana Diane with our grandson. 
 It was such a joy to be with so many family at this special occasion.  
Our youngest daughter is a Godmother for all 5 of her sisters children and here she and her 2 children pose 
with newly confirmed nephew.  
His other God Parents, Kevin and Diane are also very good friends and live in the area. 
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My Niece Angel who traveled 
many miles to be with us for this occasion.

Our daughter had his 2005 Baptismal picture on display. 

It was a very nice celebration open house with over 25 attending.  Our oldest daughter made the beautiful blue cake with the Bible on top made from Rice Krispy bars.  Everything was delicious and so beautiful.  She always makes things so special for her children.  We are so happy and thankful that our Daughter and son-in-law love their children, take good care of them and brought them to Holy Baptism as infants which makes them Gods children and heirs of His heavenly kingdom according to His promise in His Holy Word.
He received some very special cards and gifts! 

Here is the whole family.  2 boys and 3 girls.  It is always a blessing to have the whole family together.  

He got to cut up the Bible from the cake and eat the first piece.  
We enjoyed beautiful weather and a few 
cookouts with the family. 
 We so enjoyed our Niece, Angela
 coming for the confirmation. Both Angel and our youngest daughter drove many miles to be there.
 Here the 3 first cousins enjoy some quality visit time. 

We took advantage of being with our oldest granddaughter
 and got a picture of us with her.
 She is a college student and also has part time job.  
Our oldest granddaughter giving hugs and loves to her cat Rusty.

Our youngest daughter loves to spoil her nieces and nephews.  She took her youngest niece to get a special hair doo.  What a treat and such a pretty doo it was.  

Our youngest 3 grandchildren showing off their western boots, belts and look.   

Our 13 year old grandson practicing a few chords on his guitar.  

 We were blessed to also take in a Home School choir concert.  This is the young group, our 9 yr granddaughter is 3rd from left in front row.  They make beautiful music.
This is the older choir with our 13 yr old grandson in back row 3rd from right.  They also impressed me with some wonderful songs.  Beautiful voices.  

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Photos of family

St Andrew Cemetery in November.  Many family and friends are buried in my home town church cemetery.  

It was a beautiful day with the white snow covering to take a special garland decoration to the St Andrew Cemetery .

My beloved Dad and Mom, miss them dearly!

My older brother Dale, after 7 1/2 years, it is still hard to believe.

My brother's 3 grandchildren who love to hear every memory of him, and I have plenty to tell..   
This is my sweet cousin Audrey
who I loved so much.
little Christmas tree for my Grandparents on my mothers side.  

My Grandpa Seede and Grandma Anna Hanssen on my Dads side.

Since I had my Niece and family all together, I just couldn't pass up an opportunity for a family photo.  If you know me, you know I love to take pictures. I love the white snow, open field background. 

I think this one is my favorite. The sun was a bit bright in their eyes though!

As we left the cemetery, we drove by my family farm.  I lived there for 21 years and enjoyed every aspect of being on a farm.  My dad was born on this farm and at 94 he died on this farm only feet from where he was born.  My mother lived there until she was almost  93 years old and died at a Good Samaritan home at 95 yr's.

This farm is still so beautiful and filled with great memories.  A lot of love grew on that farm!

It was so fun to watch my older Niece and husband put up their Christmas tree.  She loves Christmas and puts up several trees and many beautiful decorations.  

These children love being at their Aunties house.  They even got to help decorate the tree, we all got to help.  it was a family affair.   More memories!

Thanksgiving we traveled to NE to be with our whole family (minus 2 grandsons) for Thanksgiving.  

More fun opportunities for family pictures.  
Here are our 2 grandchildren who were very patient with me as I snapped picture after picture. 

They are our youngest daughters children

Now for the family photos.  I love the coordinating cloths,  Calls for many many pictures.  Ha?

I also like to try different tones and coloring on the pictures.  I always like the vintage look.

This was my daughters idea with the Nov fall leaves and it turned out to be one of my favorite.

Mom and dad looking very cool.

These just make me smile!

While we were all together over Thanksgiving, we had a friend take over my camera and try get a family photo.    This is the best one, it is hard to get a picture with all our eyes open and everyone looking at the camera.   Below I lightened it up. 

and then sized it down a bit.

I really liked this picture but it did get a bit blurry.  

We just had to try a couple pictures with the grand kids throwing fall leaves.  It was fun.  

Our family is such a great Blessing from God.  We give Him thanks for many things but our faith and family has to be way at the top of the list.