Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Photos of family

St Andrew Cemetery in November.  Many family and friends are buried in my home town church cemetery.  

It was a beautiful day with the white snow covering to take a special garland decoration to the St Andrew Cemetery .

My beloved Dad and Mom, miss them dearly!

My older brother Dale, after 7 1/2 years, it is still hard to believe.

My brother's 3 grandchildren who love to hear every memory of him, and I have plenty to tell..   
This is my sweet cousin Audrey
who I loved so much.
little Christmas tree for my Grandparents on my mothers side.  

My Grandpa Seede and Grandma Anna Hanssen on my Dads side.

Since I had my Niece and family all together, I just couldn't pass up an opportunity for a family photo.  If you know me, you know I love to take pictures. I love the white snow, open field background. 

I think this one is my favorite. The sun was a bit bright in their eyes though!

As we left the cemetery, we drove by my family farm.  I lived there for 21 years and enjoyed every aspect of being on a farm.  My dad was born on this farm and at 94 he died on this farm only feet from where he was born.  My mother lived there until she was almost  93 years old and died at a Good Samaritan home at 95 yr's.

This farm is still so beautiful and filled with great memories.  A lot of love grew on that farm!

It was so fun to watch my older Niece and husband put up their Christmas tree.  She loves Christmas and puts up several trees and many beautiful decorations.  

These children love being at their Aunties house.  They even got to help decorate the tree, we all got to help.  it was a family affair.   More memories!

Thanksgiving we traveled to NE to be with our whole family (minus 2 grandsons) for Thanksgiving.  

More fun opportunities for family pictures.  
Here are our 2 grandchildren who were very patient with me as I snapped picture after picture. 

They are our youngest daughters children

Now for the family photos.  I love the coordinating cloths,  Calls for many many pictures.  Ha?

I also like to try different tones and coloring on the pictures.  I always like the vintage look.

This was my daughters idea with the Nov fall leaves and it turned out to be one of my favorite.

Mom and dad looking very cool.

These just make me smile!

While we were all together over Thanksgiving, we had a friend take over my camera and try get a family photo.    This is the best one, it is hard to get a picture with all our eyes open and everyone looking at the camera.   Below I lightened it up. 

and then sized it down a bit.

I really liked this picture but it did get a bit blurry.  

We just had to try a couple pictures with the grand kids throwing fall leaves.  It was fun.  

Our family is such a great Blessing from God.  We give Him thanks for many things but our faith and family has to be way at the top of the list. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My Uncle Ed

November 12 2017, Uncle Ed surprise 90th Birthday, Dec 11, Uncle Ed died  in pickup accident on icy roads on way to play guitar and sing at nursing home in Devils lake.  His funeral was Dec 18th at St Andrew Lutheran Church at Niagara, ND.
Our youngest daughter, was excited and did a very professional job on her God Father, Uncle Ed's Birthday cake.
Uncle Ed was very happy and pleased with his cake.  He blew out the candles and said his wish was to live to be 100.  God had different plans and I am convinced it is a blessing that we can not see the future.  We all had such a good time helping Uncle Ed celebrate his 90th Birthday.  He made sure that we all knew that he was still 89 years old and wouldn't turn 90  until the 14th.  2 days latter.  

Uncle Ed loves to play guitar and we could all tell he was enjoying a small guitar jam with our daughter Melissa and my husband Jeff.  Many who were there for the open house enjoyed the lovely music and singing along. 

Uncle Ed led us in singing the table prayer.
My niece Angela is standing close by.  We thank her and her her husband Dave for opening their lovely home, planing the birthday celebration and for serving such wonderful food. They are such wonderful hosts as always.  

Uncle Eds two sons surprised him and were both at St Andrew Church  and also spent the afternoon with their dad at the Surprise open house. 

Uncle Ed with more of his family.  His daughter and more grandchildren were not able to make it to the celebration.
I love his big smile.  He was enjoying every minute and I heard later that he mentioned how very much he enjoyed the party and all the thoughts and cards.
There were a lot of last hugs from Uncle Ed that day!

Almost exactly one month latter, My sweet Uncle Ed was killed in a one vehicle accident when his pickup lost control on early morning icy roads.  It was approximately 8:30 AM on December 11th at a location very close to where Uncle Ed's wife had died 16 years earlier in a very similar car accident.

My Uncle Ed's funeral was December 18th at St Andrew Lutheran Church and he is laid to Rest next to his lovely bride, Marcy. 
My husband I felt bad that we could not make it back to Niagara for his funeral.  We are very thankful for the live video and many pictures that our niece Angel and our daughter and son in law took.  
My Uncle Ed's oldest son, 3rd from left and grandchildren with one great grandchild. 

So it is that we say good-bye to my Uncle Ed from this world, knowing and believing in Jesus promise that we will certainly see him again in heaven for eternity.    
Jesus tells us in John 14:19b   Because I  live, you also will live.   

I know that my Uncle Ed believed these words and promise from Christ Jesus.  He was blessed through Holy Baptism as a infant and The Holy Spirit who brought him to faith has kept him firm in faith until the end.  This is our prayer for each of us as well.  The book of John has many many important words of Jesus for all of us. 

Below are a few nice pictures filled with memories of my Uncle Ed.  I hope you enjoy them. 

Melissa our daughter with her God Father,
Uncle Ed.  taken August 2017

Uncle Ed with Melissa and our 2 grandchildren who adored their Uncle Ed.  Aug 2017

My last Uncle Ed Hug!  Nov 12, 2017

Edgar Johannes Behm was born November 14, 1927 to John and Ella (Strassburg) Behm, the ninth of eleven children at Niagara.
He received God’s gift of forgiveness and the Holy Spirit in baptism on December 5, 1927 and confirmed his faith in Jesus as his Savior at St. Andrew Lutheran Church at Niagara on April 6, 1941. He remained a lifelong member and was active in the choir and served on boards within the church including the positions of Elder and Trustee. Ed’s strong faith and love of family was evident as he was entrusted by family and friends to the Baptismal Sponsor for their children. Ed waited over 40 years before he met his beautiful bride, Marcella Hoefer. She was everything he had hoped for in a Godly wife. Ed and Marcy were married July 15, 1972. They fostered many children before making Roxie, Jeremy and Scott a part of their forever family through adoption.
He will be missed by all of his loved ones this side of heaven and is survived by his children: Roxie Moen of Eden Prairie MN, Jeremy of Clinton WI, and Scott of Devils Lake ND, Grandchildren Sadie, Sydney, Alex and Nate Moen, Paul, Jamey, Cody, Nick, Grace, and Isabelle Behm and his great grandson Theodore Behm. His sister Vera Odegaard of Niagara, Sisters-in-law Vivian Behm of Larimore ND and Marlys (Leonard) Berdal of Grand Forks ND and numerous nieces and nephews. He will be rejoicing in Heaven with all the Saints who have died before him! He was preceded in death by his wife, Marcy, his parents, sisters Ellen Olson, Louise Krueger, Adeline Olson, Doris Wood, Loretta Hanssen, and Caroline Runyan and his brothers, Ferdinand, John and Arthur.
Ed was lifelong farmer. He worked a field with a team of horses at only 8 years old. He loved baseball and played with local teams until he no longer could. In his early teens, his dad brought home a guitar and Ed taught himself how to play. His guitar went everywhere with him and in his retirement, Ed enjoyed playing at area nursing homes.

The four brothers who also sang as a quartet.  L to R  Art, John, Ed and Fernie Behm
My mother with her younger brother Ed. 2015

Sept 1, 2015   Uncle Ed with his 2 living sisters Vera on left  and Loretta, my mother who went home to heaven one year later on Sep 2, 2016

Uncle Ed with his dog Sal and big red barn background. 2014
Uncle Ed prided himself in his garden especially his sweet corn.

Uncle Ed truly loved his wife Marcy.  We all did.  Here she is with a granddaughter and below singing with her husband Ed.. 

Uncle Ed loved children and was always a good Christian example for all who knew him.  God richly blessed me in giving me a sweet loving Christian Uncle as him.