Thursday, March 10, 2016

Surprise and Celebration

It was a year ago February 24, 2015 when these two sweet children became a part of our family.   Our youngest daughter and her husband adopted  siblings, our then 4yr old grandson and our 6 yr old granddaughter.  The picture above was taken just minutes after the adoption was final.  

This February 26th we met them at Dickinson ND. for a very fun weekend surprise for the children.  This area is about half way for both of us to drive and a nice place to celebrate the 1 year adoption date.    Our grandchildren were not expecting to see us there so needless to say there were big squeals of joy and many big hugs when they spotted us sitting in the beautiful hotel lobby where we would spend the weekend.

We found this very educational museum.  We all enjoyed a few hours of interesting activities. Below you will see a few of the museum adventures.

Bean Bag Hop Scotch.    
We all had to give it a try but it was most fun to watch our grandchildren.

A Typewriter!  Who knew a typewriter could be so much fun.  It wasn't many years ago and everyone knew how to type and used one of these but now, just a few years latter, our little children have never seen one let alone have the opportunity to type on one.   
This was so much fun,  ink and feather quill pens, the same kind Abraham Lincoln must have used. Lets not forget the Ink dabber or blotter.  I had never seen or used one of those before.   

Hey look, I typed my name!

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A big very detail doll house on display behind glass.  So many things to look at like a large dining table fully set with little tiny dishes.  

Time for a old fashioned game
 of checkers with mom.
I had the opportunity to show our grandchildren crocheting and needlepoint
like my grandmother used to do.

Now this is a very
 interesting way to look at pictures.  
Nothing  "digital" about these antique cameras. 

Our grandson really loved the hands on and looking at these pictures  

Another fun game that was used as pastime fun in days of old.  Bean Bag Toss.

It wasn't just inside the museum that was interesting.  

Lots of petrified wood.  

Maybe we can try count the rings to find out how old this tree was?

We couldn't have chosen a more beautiful weekend.  Temperature was in low 60's all weekend.  If you are from North Dakota you know how exceptional this is for February in ND.   
The outdoor buildings were not open due to the off season time of year but it still was fun to go on a walk and talk about the old days.

WOW!  Doesn't get much better then an old train caboose to climb on. 

Look how tall this windmill is?

Posing on a piece of petrified wood. 

We also spent fun time at a city park.  

This city park had a beautiful war memorial

Mom takes the opportunity to have them read and to teach them some
 important history of our nation and ND warriors. 

The back side showed all the names of those ND soldiers lost in wars up to date. 

Our grandson was amazed with this bronze soldier
 and Papa showed him how to salute. 

He tlod me latter that evening that the soldier was his favorite part of his day.

Beautiful North Dakota Flag.

This park even had a Air Force fighter plane on display.

Our grandchildren had to try out the band-shell.  Lots of singing and dancing going on.

Da plane,  Da plane.

After all, it was a celebration!  

Very good too!

We enjoyed a very delicious meal at a Mexican restaurant. It was way too much food.

 Eating is serious business. 

Looking at the water fall in the
Mexican restaurant. 

Look at all the water.  Fun time at the hotel pool.


The hot tub was out of order so the big pool was made extra warm to help make up for the inconvenience.  It made it a lot more comfortable for Papa and myself.  

I would guess I got my exercise.  

Helping our grandchildren as they wanted to learn to swim.

Papa, how come it looks so easy when you swim across the pool?

Our grandson is almost 6 yr.  We did a early birthday celebration too.  
That means Birthday gifts.  

A special something for our granddaughter too. 
A birthstone ring. 

Another gift from Papa and Nana.
GEE Thanks,  I always wanted a toy rifle that has such a real sound. 

Nice toy rifle, cant wait to try it out.

Even has toy bullets. 

We even enjoyed some coloring fun! 

Look what I made with my new magnets. (Magformers)
Nice coloring. 

Fun to ride in Nana and Papa's car.
 It also gave us more "visiting" time as we drove from place to place.
Yummy Ice Cream cones after  McDonald's meal.

The time seemed to go by way too fast but we were so thrilled we could work out this special surprise celebration. God has richly blessed us with family and we give thanks for time spent with them.      

We each head in opposite directions to our own homes.  Our daughter stopped at a interesting homestead as a educational stop on their way home.   The homestead was from over 100 years ago and only cost $100 to build since most everything was built off the land.    Our daughter home-schools and takes every opportunity to teach their children.