Sunday, September 30, 2012

Youngest granddaughter turns 4 years old

 A very happy little girl who woke up last Wed morning with a big smile and big loving hugs for everyone.  She was very excited about her 4th birthday and everything fun that went with it.  She had to show me the beautiful package from her parents.

Below, her mother (our oldest daughter) was making her special (BOW) birthday cake.  She wanted a BOW CAKE and I was very interested in how her mom was going to create such a (BOW) cake. 

 She got to lick the butter frosting from the beaters.  YUM!

 I got to take the Birthday girl to buy her balloons.  She got to pick them out all herself.  4 balloons.
 The BOW cake turned out beautiful as always.  No wonder all 5 children always request she bake their cake for each of their birthdays.

 Lots of fun opening her gifts.  She absolutly loved the princess dress up cloths and crown from her parents.

 Mom is helping her try it on.     What a beautiful little princess she is!

 Friend Nancy helps to open some play make-up.
 A special princess travel mug that will keep water cold for 12 hours.  YEA!
 Princess dishes and another big gift,  a picture of the Good Shepherd for her room.

 Here she is in her princess dress from her best friend.  She was very good to let her wear her new princess dress.   They are both so adorable!

 Mom was lighting the 4 candles and we all sang Happy Birthday to You and God Bless You today.

 She did a great job blowing out her four candles.

 Her with her best friend enjoying Birthday party Ice Cream and Birthday cake.  Below is Leslie giving her older sister a hug.

 A nice day and nice day for a walk to the school play ground.  Best friends walking hand in hand.
 The two best friends are pushing their 4 year old best friends on the swings. What a great birthday and Nana and Papa were so very proud to celebrate her birthday at our house.  Memories for the heart!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Those who are ONE!

 One year olds are so very sweet and Jeff and I had the great experience to help our good friend, Ellis celebrate his FIRST Birthday and further below,  pictures of our Niece's twin girls celebrate their FIRST Birthday.

 This is Leslie, Ellis mother, showing him his birthday cake.  I remember holding her this very same way when she was his age.  It was a great blessing to me and my family to care for her when she was little.

 BIG sister is telling her little brother that "you are now ONE year old".
 Ellis was more intrigued in the singing of Happy Birthday then he was the lit candle on the cake.
Below,  you can certainly tell it didn't take him long to dig into that delicious Birthday cake.

 Big sister was a big help when it came to blowing out the candles on the big cake.
Below, Grandma Nancy and mom serve the cake with ice cream.  YUMMY, that was good cake.

 Meanwhile,  Baby Ellis made quite the mess out of his cake.  I think he ate a lot too.
 Time for the Birthday gifts!
  Big sister was very happy to find a couple gifts for her hidden in the pile of gifts for Ellis.
Here is Ellis opening the gift from Jeff and I.  My husband worked very hard on this "Hobby Horse."
It had to be just right.  It is only the second one he has made.  The first one was for our grandson who is now 13 yr old.  

 Grandma and Grandpa came all the way from California to help him celebrate.  Grandma helping Ellis enjoy some of the many fun play figures at Story Book Island.  Below, Grandpa with older sister Claire take time to pose for a picture while enjoying time together at the exciting park.

 Mom enjoying some fun time with the children.   Such a big little man to walk hand in hand with his mom.

 Mom and Ellis listening to the music and looking at all the bright colors of Story Book Island.
 The little red car.  Dad and mom with Claire and Ellis. 
 Daddy can always get Ellis to lough.  Such a sweet tummy lough too.
 Claire is about tired out from all the fun activities of the day.  She relaxes a bit between her dad and Jeff
 This is  "GOOD BUY" to Story Book Island for the year.  See you next spring.

 Mom and dad with Clair and Ellis at the Castle entrance to the park.


 Cute as they can be,  smiles and kiss's for each other.

 Aunt Angel is as proud as can be and they love her dearly.
 Mom is showing the girls pictures.  
 Looks like a Precious Moment doll as she models her new summer dress.  Below, Great Grandma looks at a book with her.
 Grandma enjoying some granddaughter time.

 Great Grandpa Hanssen with one of the girls on their first birthday.

 Opening gifts at their first birthday.  Below is the Birthday cake baked and decorated by cousin Melissa.

Big brother also celebrated his birthday at the same time.  It is pretty neat when you have three children and they can their birthdays are so close together they can all celebrate at one big party.  It was so much fun.  
 Great Grandpa with the girls and Great Grandma with the girls.
Double blessings that only God can give.