Saturday, September 21, 2013

Favorite lake for fishing

A few days ago, the weather was absolutely perfect for a fishing trip to the lake.  Not just any lake, but my favorite lake in the hills, Pactola.  It is very picturesque, and surrounded by high hills filled with pine trees. 
 The sounds, sights and smells are wonderful. 

 It was a calm warm day for both boating and fishing.

 It always amazes me how these trees can flourish and grow from a base of rock. 
 The clear quiet lake provided a beautiful reflection of the trees and skyline.  

 You can tell that fall is in the air not only by the smells and feel of the air but by the colorful foliage and ground cover.

 The clouds were very pretty,
 almost purple/pink 
as the sun started to set.
 I wish I could have gotten a better picture of this bird but maybe I was lucky to get even this picture.  I watched it dip down to the water and catch small fish and carry them off in its claws. I am almost certain it was a Osprey but the white just isn't showing on this photo.
 There was a beautiful big harvest moon, it actually looked way big and much better in real life then what this picture depicts. 

OK, so I know you are all wondering if we really did catch any fish.   Some of you probably wonder how I could be actually fishing with all the pictures I have taken.   I guarantee I did my share of casting and fishing.  Yep, here they are, our catch for the day.  We actually caught more but these are the fish that we kept for a fresh meal and another 4 meals for in our freezer.  

The last time we were fishing at this lake, we saw and even hooked and almost caught a huge fish but it was the big one that got away.  I am sure it had to be a good 30 inches long.  I am not real sure what kind it was but we are now naming it "WALTER"  and will continue our luck in catching it.
It was a beautiful fun relaxing day and we hope for quite a few more of these fine days this fall before winter appears.  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A visit to the St. Andrew Lutheran Cemetery, at Niagara ND

While we were visiting in ND,  we took my mother to the cemetery to visit the grave of her husband of almost 67 years.   I remember this cemetery from years gone by when I was just a little girl.  Our old country church, St Andrew Lutheran Church used to set just South East of the cemetery. That was the church I attended weekly until it moved to a new location and new building in town, Niagara.   As a matter of fact,  I was the last to be confirmed in the old church.    

 My mother standing in front of my dad's headstone.  His side has a barn with 2 work horses in front, I will call them Dick and Billy, the black work team I mostly remember him driving. My mom's side has flowers with a humming bird.  The rings around the cross has their wedding date of  9-11-46.  The head stone also has at the very bottom  parents of Dale and Diane. The back side has one of my fathers favorite responses to the strong pain he suffered., " Thy Grace is sufficient for me."

This foot stone is free from the VA.  We just had to order it and have it put flush in the ground so the mowing crew  can mow over it with no problems.   It is a nice stone only one error,  I had ask for the Lutheran MS cross that they have just added to the emblems available but they still did the regular cross.    

 My mothers brother, the youngest child, my Uncle Art Behm past away about 6 months before my dad.  His grave is left of my dad's.                                                                                                                                                        The headstone a little further to the left is for very good, close friends of mine and my parents.  They lived only 1/4 mile North and my brother Dale and I spent many hours at their home with our friends, Jane and Dwight.   The house and Herb driving the horse and sled are done from actual photo's.   Then further yet to the left is my first cousins husband who past away unexpectedly in 2011. 

 My brother Dale who past away very quickly of a heart attack at almost 62 years old. On the back of his headstone, is the words to "Now the light has gone away" as he used to sing that hymn with his children every evening before tucking them into bed.  His grave is in the  SE corner and Dad's is in the NW corner.  The photo below shows most of the cemetery but unfortunately you cannot see my dad's grave.   

 My first cousin Audrey.  We just attended her husband, Chuck, funeral when we were back to Niagara. 5 years after his wife and was laid to rest next to her grave.  It is still hard to believe as my husband and i were very close to them.  She is buried only 3 graves to the right of my brother and her dad, Art, is to the left of my dad. Sometimes it is funny how things turn out.  

 I would guess I know almost every one or am related to many buried on this cemetery. At least the ones since i am old enough to remember. My Aunt Runyan above,  The Brueckner's above who I was close friends with their children.
 My precious Aunt Marcy, who was loved and admired by almost everyone.  She past away in a terrible accident on ice and drown when their car slid into a lake of water.  I thank God it was a fast easy death for her and that he spared my Uncle Ed and cousin.  It was a hard thing for them both and the whole community.   
 Now this beautiful headstone belongs to my grandparents, my mother's parents.   Below is the HANSSEN headstone and the two foot stones of my other grandparents, my dad's parents.  I never got to know my grandfather as he past away before my parents were even married.   

Here you can see where my dad's grave is from his dad and mom's grave. My grandparents.   Just look at the end  right headstone over the white stone. 

 This is halfway to the back of the cemetery,  you can see the brick with three crosses on is where the old church stood. The Behm headstone, back side, is my Uncle Johnny  my mother's younger brother, he was the first Behm child to pass away.  
 These are friends from Niagara, Richard ran the Niagara Grain Elevator for years.  I love the color in this headstone.  I think this is the first one I have seen with a hint of color.  
 This is the Headstone of my Great Grandparents, My mother's grandparents.  They have a big blue spruce tree on their grave.  Their grave is also in german.

 This is my Great Grandfather Behms brother.  He was always called Henry Shencousksi as was their German name before coming to America.  My Great Grandfather changed the last name to Behm due to not being able to spell Shencousksi in english at Ellis Island.  After my Great Uncle past away, he was buried as Henry Behm whether he liked it or not.   Many of the older headstones have Bible verses written in German. 

Cemetery's are very interesting and there is one thing that is sure, our days on earth are few compared to eternity.   One of my favorite Bible verses assures us that we can live happily ever after in eternity with God.  Romans 6 verse 23.  FOR THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH, BUT THE GIFT OF GOD IS ETERNAL LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD.        Romans 8 is also a very good chapter to read especially the last 5 verses.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

Week in ND Aug 26 - Sept 3, 2013 ( Part 2 )

While we were at my mothers, it had rained and created a great opportunity for my husband Jeff and nephew Jamie to do some much needed trimming around the house.  
 and trimming of the hedge that had been out of control.   They opened things up so my mother can see the highway and mail box from the picture window.  As they were trimming I heard Jamie tell Jeff,  "I sure wish I would have done this while Grandpa was still alive, he would have loved the view from his chair."

 It was up in the 90's but they were in the shade part of the time which helped make their hard work bearable.  

 It sure looks different with everything trimmed.  I didn't get a photo after everything was hauled away. 
This beauty of a yellow jacket hive was just to the left of where the trees were cut down but they were not very active.  Unlike the yellow jacket's that had a  hive on the back side of Jamies granary.  They attacked him when he closed the hatch and stung him twice.   
The next day he was out there with some mighty powerful bug spray that shoots 20 feet.  YEP,  he got them.

 Jeff helped him out by spraying the hive on the east end of the house. 
 Time for a little fun and relaxation.  My 85 yr old uncle Ed (my mothers younger brother) came over to so a little picking with Jeff.   
 It was fun listening to them pick and sing 
and we even joined in on a few songs.

 We took my mother to the cemetery so we could see my dad's head stone and the VA foot stone that had just been placed.   
 The foot stone turned out nice but I had requested the Missouri Lutheran cross that they offered but for some reason it came with the regular cross.  I guess it will have to do. 

 My mother still has some flowers outside in front of the picture window and many beautiful blooming african violets on the inside of the picture window on a big coffee table.  She has had these for years. There must be a good dozen plants.   Purples, pinks, blue and white.

 We got in on the very beginning of harvest.  It was a very late spring so harvest is also late this year.

 I took these pictures west of the farm at sun set.  Here you can see the beautiful silhouette of the combine and Jamie as he drives and runs this big combine.  Well, at least it sure looks big to me. 

Our youngest daughter enjoyed some guitar, mandolin time with her father.  He taught her a few new techniques on the guitar.  It was fun to listen to them as they played together making beautiful music. 

I was thankful to spend the week with my mother and help her with a few things while I was there.   I am also very thankful to God for letting me enjoy my mother and her love for so many years.  I treasure our time together.