Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Talent at Zion

This is our church DCE, Lorien. It was a lot of work, time and organizing on her part to get this huge successful talent show put together. She is so positive, energetic and full of life. We love her!
As you can see from the pictures, it was a full house, even so full that more tables and chairs had to be set up.

Talent of all kinds was on display.

The Emcees did an excellent job. With every new talent announcement they seemed to have a fun theme and a lot of laughs. The very first entry was the teachers from Zion school. Their act was titled "SURPRISE" It was hilarious with the little people dancing to several short verses from songs.

Some of the songs were, the Macarena, Chicken dance and ended with the very popular STOMP ON THE DEVIL!

The church choir, the singing servants sang selections from The Sound of Music.
There were over 20 talent acts and only a few will be pictured in my blog. above was line dancing. Below was Hula Hooping. I can't believe she made it through the whole song without dropping it. Very very good job Isabella.

Our LWML sang a song on the ten commandments to the tune of Are you sleeping. This song was written in 5 min time at our last meeting when our Vicar ask how we would teach a group of non Christians the 10 Commandments. The rest of our group was surprised at that talent and decided to enter the song in the talent show. It was fun, the first time we sang, we were all very shy, bashful and scared. The second time we sang the song, we had gained our confidence and hammed it up a little.

Here the emcees were as tourests with a camera, walking around looking for the four faces. They took several pictures. Then finally asking the 3 rough and tough biker babes to take a photo of them. The rough one took the picture and kept their camera and dared them to get it back. The Buffalo Girls stole our camera! The emcee's called on a familiar face who is a RC Policeman to get their camera back. It was quite the show! Much laughter and applauding followed.
The Biker Babes, THE JUDGES, The Buffalo girls as emcee Joey called them.

The action, Run, get that camera out of here! The cop's always win, with a little help and persuasion, he did get the cameraq back for the emcee tourists!

Sign singing a very beautiful song, Glorious Day.
Piano solos were very nice. A lot of talent there as she played music from the movie, Dances with wolves.
Quinten payed one of my favorites, Pachelbel's Canon.

Piano and solo, They will know we are Christians by our Love.
Another facinating Hula hoop act, this one even had lights on it. Beautiful.

Time for the awards!

Third place for the artistic was the penguins by the 1st graders.
Second place for the Art was the wood carvings..
First place for the art went to the quilt made by our Vicar's wife, Laura Winckler.

The Bronze "Wipe out" prize (Bronze bathroom roll) went to the 2 young piano players.
The silver "You light up my life" (silver light bulb) went to the soloists.
The first place, GOLD "Golden plunger award" went to the two Hula Hoop acts.

It was a great fun evening of fun, fellowship and entertainment. Oh yes, food too! Desserts were auctioned off at intermission and there was also a silent auction. The funds will help defray costs for our youth group mission trip this summer.