Wednesday, October 25, 2017

HICS Reunion Aug 2017 Denver CO

The HICS Reunion at Denver 2017 

The whole group minus a few.   

The guys who spent years in Air Force for the freedoms of our country.

The women who support our men. 

Friday evening started as all registered as we came into the Hotel "meet and greet " event.    It was fun to meet new people and get reacquainted with old friends from the years in Air Force.

The appetizer food was great and presented so beautifully. 

Who knows what memories were being discussed at this table but everyone was intent on listening. 

Everyone enjoyed watching old videos of the Air Force working days some 40 years ago.   
Great music was playing so some fun dancing had to happen.  

More talking and reminiscing.

The Red/White/Blue made for a
 very patriotic hall.  

Rick and Diane French looking rather serious. 
Take a good look because that does not happen often. 


Saturday morning we split into 2 groups.  One group, the one my husband and I choose, went on a beautiful drive to the mountains and a few small towns.  Below you can see we were all in this van with Dale Fairbanks as our driving escort. 

Beautiful mountains.  I was thankful the windows were clean for taking scenic pictures.  

Loved these little quint towns and the outdoor markets, especially all the flowers.

Beautiful lake!

We took a 45 minute bathroom break and time to look around or have a snack/drink. 

Pretty sure this was in the town of Nederland,Co

I wish I had taken notes along with taking many pictures so I could remember the names of some of these places.  All I remember is the amazing beauty of this area. 
My husband Jeff Falin , just had to check out this coffin.  

I however loved the walking covered bridge. 

Everyone meeting to continue our science drive. 

Old Town Hall of Nederland.  1874!

Mountains and more mountains.  

We had a nice noon lunch and arrived back at the hotel safe and sound. 
 Dale, Thank You for the safe trip and wonderful tour. I know it was enjoyed by all.  

Dale the tour guide and driver.

Group 2 enjoyed an afternoon of Tea tasting, a museum and who knows what all took place.  

Tasting the TEA!

It doesn't get much more fun then this!
This was a Wine Tasting at Balisteri Vineyards.  Looks like a great time. Thinking this took place Friday Aug 11th during the day. 

Saturday evening banquet and program.
Saturday evening Banquet,
 Pastor Pam Ciulla led the opening prayer and the blessing for the food.

The Saturday night Banquet was a great patriotic event. One of the very first things was listening to Red Skeleton recite the Pledge to the Flag, one word at a time with full explanation.  When you have a room full of dedicated, retired military veterans, there is not a single person who would even consider "taking the knee"!   All were standing firm, hand over heart and I would guess most even had a few tears in their eyes. 
If you want to listen to Red Skeleton and his version of The Pledge Allegiance to the Flag,  you can google this site below.

Master of ceremonies, Dale Fairbanks

Add caption
Special speaker for the night.

RED, WHITE AND BLUE!   Very fitting colors for a United States Air Force retirement reunion.

So happy that Jasper and Helen Green could make it to the reunion.  

What a unique way to sell raffle tickets.  There were many great prizes.  The extra raffle money will help defray cost of the next HICS REUNION which will be 3 years from now in Utah.

Selling more raffle tickets. So many good prizes, I think everyone left with something. 

Great food  and guess who led the way?


Sorry Pam, caught you with a mouth full of that delicious food but just look at the nice smile on Sal's face!

 Picture time is always a fun time.  A special "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE" to all these wonderful men who gave for the freedoms of our country.
Thank You to all these women who support, encourage and love their military men!
The HICS Reunion group!   A big thank you to all who came to the 2017 reunion.

 There was plenty of time for visiting, catching up and getting reacquainted!  

Sunday was a beautiful day to meet at a very beautiful park for a picnic. 

This was such a beautiful park with very unique sculptures.  It was wonderful that it was walking distance from the Hotel.

It was fun walking over this walk bridge to get to the picnic area. It was actually closer to walk around by why not use such a lovely bridge. 

What better way to end this blog.  Our friend, Harry Miniken giving the "PEACE"  sign with a "I will see you all in 3 years at the next HICS reunion"