Tuesday, November 18, 2014

September 19th - 20th 2014 HICS REUNION (Part 3)

 Saturday evening, September 20th, 2014 was the Banquet and program for the HICS reunion group. The room was beautiful and the food was delicious.  Thank You to all who helped plan and organize this memorable event. 
 Friends, friends and more friends!

OK, Do you recognize anyone?  

I had to post both of these since I couldnt decide which one I liked the most. 

The program began with a video production of Red Skeleton and his very thorough explanation of the Pledge Allegiance to the flag.  It is very heart warming and so true.  
 Special speakers were Sal Ciulla above, below was another HICS worker who had much interesting information.  Notice the cut and layered cable on the podium, very familiar to most everyone in attendance.  Many may still have one of these in their memorabilia from their Air Force years. 

 Don Markiewicz was another speaker and
 also helped organize the Reunion. 
 Below Don Markiewicz presents Rick French and his wife Diane French with a certificate of appreciation for all they have done to instigate and coordinate all of the previous HICS Reunions.  
 Santos also helped to make this Omaha HICS Reunion happen.   Both he and his wife along with Markiewicz  and his wife,  spent many hours organizing, contacting, getting reservation information, instructions, a welcome packet with maps, Omaha information and other souvenirs for all.

 Below are several group pictures that were taken at the end of the HICS reunion 2014.  The first 3 pictures are the full group that were in attendance.  I hope you can find yourself or someone you know. You might be able to enlarge the picture by clicking on each individual photo.  

 These next five photos are of the men who served our country and were in the HICS , some of these may or may not be duplicate pictures, you do have to look very close to tell one from the other.

 Three pictures of the women who support and encourage the men above.   

The last few hours were spent laughing, visiting, and saying good-bye until the next time.   

 There were pictures on display from years gone by.  Many who were there recognized not only their friends and fellow Air Force personnel but themselves on some of these pictures.  

Retro picture on display at the HICS reunion
 taken around the first of April 1966.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

September 19th -20th 2014 HICS REUNION (Part 2)

 OMAHA,  NEBRASKA    The destination that many HICS association veterans and their wives traveled to for a the  2014 HICS REUNION September 19th and 20th.  

Jeff Falin shares some fun memories
 with Sr Master Sgt Green and his wife. 

 Friday evening gathering with fun, food, getting reacquainted time at the Hotel conference room.

 Good friends Diane French and Alma Santos.  

Hours of fun visiting with everyone who could attend the HICS reunion.

 A group of HICS guys certainly enjoyed watching 
several interesting videos from the work days gone past. 
Yes even the wives enjoyed a good visit.

Looks like a good laugh about something. 
 Notice those very
 cool t-shirts. 
The evening was great and Saturday would be another fantastic time to visit and catch up on families and old times.  

Watch for HICS REUNION  Blog #3  coming soon.