Friday, September 30, 2016

My mother's funeral, 95 years old

My mother became very ill the first week of June.  We were informed that she had had a mild heart attack, UTI and a very acute Pneumonia.   I was happy that we had just been there 2 weeks earlier to visit her in her comfortable Assisted Living apartment.  We had a very good visit during those 5 days and she was doing great.   
This picture of me and my mother was taken about June 13 when we again made our way back for a visit as mom was very ill.  She could still talk, smile and had a good attitude.  Take notice of the soft fleece throw as we will tell about it latter.   We stayed for over 3 weeks, it was so very hard to leave.  
  She was moved to Lakota Good Samaritan Nursing home the 2nd of July under comfort care and hospice.  Jeff and I traveled back the last week in July for another visit and also to clean out her Assisted living apartment and get her things in a storage unit,  just so she would know it was there for her and if she got better she would have all her furniture and things.   My mom got to tell me happy Birthday one last time. 

Aug 30th we again traveled the 9 hr one way trip to help her celebrate her 95th Birthday.  I am so glad we did.  We enjoyed a good one hour visit on Tues night and had a great Wednesday with her.  She ate a little,  I read all the Birthday cards that had already arrived in the mail and she thoroughly enjoyed them and made comments about every one and how nice it was of them to send a card. 

Thursday, her 95th Birthday was not such a good day,  she had failed fast and was in deep sleep most of the day.  We were with her all day,  then my Niece, Angel and I stayed with her until 1:30 AM and left to get a few hours sleep.  Jeff and were back at the Good Samaritan home by 8:30 AM. 
 As Jeff was reading a very fitting devotion, and I was holding her hand, God gently called her home to heaven at 8:55 AM.  Angel was there just after she passed and was a great comfort to be together.  
The prayer service at Bakke funeral home,
 Sept 5, 2016
Sad for us but so happy for my mom as she was so ready and wanted to be in Heaven.  She made it to heaven one day after turning 95,  was with her son Dale for his Sep 9th 68th birthday,  celebrated with dad, their 70th anniversary on September 11, and dad's 98th Birthday on September 20.   We can't even imagine the joy, singing and celebrating with Jesus.  One day I will know and also all who believe, trust in God and who are Baptized.   It's God's promise to us and He has and will always keep his promise.   

The soft fleece throw was a gift to my Dad a couple months before he died.  My mother loved that throw, she said it always felt worm and comforting.  I bet a day since then had not passed that she used that throw.  She even had it in the Hospital and GS Home.  We placed it over her coffin, more for comfort for all of us, her family.  
Flower cross from the 5 grandchildren.

The five youngest Great Grandchildren who my mother loved dearly. Below are the flowers from her 11 great grandchildren.  

Both the prayer service and September 6th funeral were beautiful with hymns mom had chosen.   Bible readings, a great message of Hope in our Lord from Pastor Denny. 

Angel spent many hours putting together a wonderful slide show with many memories and pictures of my mom. She also added music by one of moms favorite country singers,  Joey and Rory. This slide show was shown before and after Moms funeral for all to see. 

On the way to the St Andrew Cemetery. 

One last trip past the Hanssen Farm where my mother had lived with my dad for over 66 years and another year and half alone before moving to Good Samaritan Assisted Living.   
 Yes, this was home for many years but now she is in her eternal home in Heaven.

At the St Andrew cemetery where mom was tucked in next to dad.

I will include more pictures from the cemetery and the luncheon on my next blog.

Beautiful peace lily from LaDonna and husband John.    LaDonna had traveled many miles as a surprise for my mothers 95th birthday weekend.  She was saddened to get there too late but was thankful that she could be there for the funeral celebration for my mother being in Heaven.

The evening after my moms  funeral, we opened and read all the cards, had a bit to eat and just after dark, lite a few fireworks and sent up a lantern in memory. We all joined in singing several hymns until the lantern was out of sight. 

Watching the lantern and singing hymns.

A single beautiful rose from her friends at the assisted living.  

Now I will share a few lighter moments as we all spent several days at Angel and Dave's house. Thank You Angel, no easy task with 13 to 17 people overnight and over 20 there for the daytime.  Great memories were created and we all worked together, even Copper the 4 month old puppy wanted to help with the dishes.   

The cousins enjoyed a fun slumber party. 

A few of the crowd watching a TV movie.

Learning to tie a bow using Papa Jeffy's shoe. 

Birk giving that puppy some attention.

It is always fun to fight, play and tease
the older cousin. 

Angel gave rides on her Spider bike.  Lots of fun for all the kids who waited patiently for their turn. 

Saturday evening Hymn sing around the fire pit.  It just doesn't get much better then that. 

Breakfast looks quite organized and calm.  I made pancakes and shape pancakes for the kiddo's

Relaxation and a good visit.

The twins as cute as they can be in their  "sister" t-shirts.

Got to watch a bit of harvest.

Got to see just a bit of the horrific wind damage from a bad storm in July. So many trees down, houses damaged but what a blessing there were no injuries. 

Below you will see many fun pictures of the children in the harvested wheat field.  They sure got their exercise running and playing.

Copper puppy got his exercise too, loved running around with the children.


What a cutie!

Everyone about worn out.  ready for prayer and bed.

Make sure to check back in a few days or week for cemetery, luncheon and family pictures as I will do another blog update. 

My mom always enjoyed the 23rd Psalm.  A few days before she died, we all said it together.  It is a very special message from God that He is our Good Shepherd and will always be with us, caring for us, comforting us and finally when our last hour comes, He will carry us home to dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.