Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Spring happenings in our yard.

 Spring brings new life and our spring flowers are a great reminder of God's gift of life.  Just a month earlier these areas were brown and dead looking and maybe even still under snow.  

 Our year two for our Rhododendron.  I love this flower, it is WV state flower. So thankful it survived the winter. 

 am starting out this blog with beautiful flowers.  We will continue this blog with some of our hard work as we purchased a garden shed kit around Wed April 20th and got it built by Saturday as snow, wind and rain was on it's way

Our trailer, mainly used when we cut fire wood,
 was just right for haling the shed kit home. 

Many trips to unload the Garden shed parts. 

IMPORTANT!  Need the instructions.

It is coming together rather nicely.

 The shop vac worked great for the dirt and grass tracked in on the floor.
Time to check the directions.
 So glad I didn't have to do it all but I was happy to be a helper. 

Power drill getting a work out.

Getting it done!

 It surprised me how big it looked and how much of our garden equipment it houses.  Much more room to move around and park our vehicles in our garage now. 

Yea, got the doors on and finished before the weekend rain and snow. 

I pretty much like our little garden shed.  It seems to fit just right and looks so nice with the blooming lilacs on both sides.  

Year 2 for my bleeding heart
 and so happy it is blooming.

We have a few fragrant blooming plants and trees.  Lilacs are filling our yard with scent.  We have Honeysuckle, and blooming creeping flux. 
These are very good for the spring honey bees out scouting for pollen.  

These are my Allium Giganteum.  I planted 2 bulbs late fall 2014.  Last spring I was amazed at this big leafed plant with a tall 3 ft stem that gets a ball that blooms open to a beautiful purple ball like flower.  The hail broke both flowers off last May.  This year you can tell the tips of the plant leaves got a bit of frost bite but now there are 4 tall stems that will open in a couple days to beautiful baseball size purple flowers.  I am wandering if next year will bring 8 flowers. They are planted in with my red hedge roses that are doing very good this year.    
This bud looks a lot like a wild onion and is now the size of a golf ball, but will soon be much bigger.  
Iris are just starting, the yellow are about 2 weeks later then the purple.  

3rd spring tilling of Garden, April 30th. 

Garden planted May 2, except set out plants
 like tomatoes and peppers.

 These three garden figurines were a "garage sale find" last summer.   They are a little weathered but they fit in well with our garden pond.  I especially like the little guy catching the frog.   

F. R. O. G.    Fully Rely On God