Saturday, June 30, 2012

Garden progress

We have been haveing a very dry year so my husband and I have been working hard to keep our garden watered and growing.  As you can see, out sweet corn is growing fast.  This last week we have had very hot weather with last Tuesdays high of 109 degrees.  The corn loves it as long as it has enough water!  The sugar peas next to the corn however,  hate the hot weather,  I am surprised they are still green and growing.

Things seemed to have a really slow start with growing and a hail storm certainly didn't help matters any but things have outgrown the lacy hail damage and things are starting to bloom.
Lettuce that the birds have not found yet.  The lettuce on the west side of garden is pretty well eaten off.
This is the garden from the East to the West.  Pumpkins, squash and Zucchini, OH MY!.

The beets are looking good this year.
This is the Chookcherry tree in back of our garden.  I have picked some for chookcherry jelly.  They aren't quite ripe but the birds also love these and they were disappearing very quickly.  You can see there are still plenty left at the top of the tree for the birds.  I just couldn't reach them.  The birds will enjoy them.

 A friend from our church offered to let us plant part of his garden.  They live on a small farm and they have a very big area for gardening.  This is our Prairie Garden. We planted this much later but still yet we have over 40 sweet corn,  25 squash and 20 hills of potatoes.  The wind blows harder,  the weeds grow faster and bigger and it seems to get hotter  too.  I should dress in "Little house on the prairie" cloths, since that's what I feel like as I work in that garden.  I will keep you posted as to how the garden harvest goes.  I hope you are all taking time to enjoy summer and try your hand at a garden also.  The fresh veggies are great!

Monday, June 25, 2012

April 29th Confirmation!

Jeff and I had the pleasure and blessing to attend our grandsons Confirmation.  This took place the end of April so I am a little late with this blog update.  Better late then never.  
Below is the beautiful cake that our daughter baked and decorate for her oldest son
 for this very special occasion.

 What a special confirmation certificate.
 This will be a keepsake for years to come and would even look nice framed and on a wall.

 The food!
 The food line!
Our lovely 10 year old granddaughter was punch girl.   She did a great job making sure each cup had some of the delicious fruit that was floating in the punch bowl. 
 Our youngest daughter, his aunt and Baptismal sponsor got to cut the cake.
 With his grandpa on his dad's side.
 Here he is with both his Baptismal sponsors.  They always give him a rough time.  
 With his mom and dad!

Our whole family got to spend time together.  This snap shot was taken by our good friend and that reminds me  that I need to get the original picture that was taken by the photographer.  
Proud  Nana and Papa had to have a turn for a picture with out grandson. I just had to include this picture of Papa helping our youngest grandson with the  "BOW TIE" he bought for him!
 Opening gifts!

 I had the great fun and enjoyed time with my grandchildren, - one who was sick that day.  We spent the day at a beautiful children s Zoo.  I love going to the Zoo!