Thursday, December 31, 2015

Our Annual Christmas party "WHAT IN THE HECK IS IT"

 Every year for the past 20 years or more we have had a Christmas party for our friends.  It is always a very fun event with a certain theme.  This year however had to be the craziest funniest party yet with our very weird theme,  

We all enjoyed a visit and catching up on each other's busy lives.  Verle wore her very interesting special Christmas hat.  

The men enjoyed a visit also.  

 Everyone brought a treat or dish. We even had a dish that was "What in the heck is that?"     It was Osso Buco .  That was a first as we all got to taste this differnt food, OSSO BUCO!
 After a short Devotion on "What in the Heck is it?" from the Bible,  (Mana, the burning bush and the moving star)  and a prayer, we enjoyed many delitious snacks and drinks. 
 One way to get everyone to look at the Christmas tree is make it into a game!  
 Then we had a game with many strange items passed around for each to guess "What in the heck is it?"
 Lots of conversation and guessing going on. 

There were even strange foods to taste and guess "What in the heck is it?"

 One of our party guests named the 3 taste items,  
"YUC #1,  YUC #2,  and YUC # 3.  
 It was so fun listening to some of the weird guesses.  
 Time to open the anonymous wrapped gifts.  We were all very confused about the traveling "BEE"  It just didnt appear that it could be in any of the packages. Then Cal opened his little pkg and low and behold,  there was a note.
And Rich brought in the big box as you can see below.    What in the heck is it?    

I love all those colorful ? ? ? ? ? on the box.  

 The traveling BEE had been turned into a big yellow question mark.  Needless to say this brought out some hearty laughter and chuckles.  Funny thing is,  Cal had been so careful in previous years to  "NOT GET THE BEE".  

 The  next few pictures are of some of the other "What in the heck is it" gifts.

 Now that is a "REAL" YUC!  

A real corn husker from Nebraska.   

 Such a fun party and great friends. 
 Our next party will have the theme, 
 Jeff built a stable for our home made Nativity figures.  He used scrap wood that he already had in the garage.  It only took him a few hours.  Now we can display the true message of Christmas in our yard.  Our true, best gift was our Savior Jesus Christ came to us as a baby to save us from our sins that all who believe and are Baptized.  What a joy it is to know our sins have all been paid for (in full) by our loving sinless Jesus.    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS.  

Jeff and I had crab legs for Christmas.  Our gifts were on the table, not under the tree.  

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Early Christmas in Western ND with youngest daughter and family

On December 11th Jeff and I said goodbye to my mom and traveled West across North Dakota to spend about a week with our youngest daughter and family.  

First thing we did was give our daughter her special gift that Jeff personally made for her. She had been wanting a stable for her ceramic Nativity for a few years now.  He made it from an old wall shelf with a mirror.  I wrote up a note on the back of the Stable telling of special  meaning as we look into the Stable.  She loved it and we loved giving it to her.   

Looking at the coat her dad got for her when he
was stationed overseas. 
We also brought a old suitcase that we have had stored in our garage for many years.  It had many old things of hers and memories. 

The Sutton Christmas tree had advent count down homemade ornaments that were read every day in advent preparing for the birthday of Jesus our Savior. 

Ruby cat found a comfortable place to lay.
 In a Christmas wreath.

The grandchildren were enjoying an activity book that was sent from their Godparents.  They do so well as they work together on one page. 
FUN and TASTY,  dipping pretzels in white almond bark.   YUM!  Yes they got to try them as soon as they were dry. After all, it was almost Christmas.   

Me with my daughter, having a great time, making memories.   

Sunday the 13th was the Children s program, worship service.  The grandchildren did an excellent job with their singing and their memorized parts.  Here they are with their birth grandmother, great grandparents, brother and uncle. It was so nice they could come to their church to help celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  
Just precious.

The Angel

Mom was the leader/teacher and the children
 did such a good job.
 We could hear and understand every word.

A real live baby boy made his day-view acting as Baby Jesus.  

We had a big. fun, sweet project waiting for us at home,  Saturday the Gingerbread was made and baked.  The decorating and assembly was underway with a little help from Papa.

The grand children had a ball decorating with all sorts of candy.  I even got to add my touch and everyone who showed their face had to add to the decorating.

It doesn't get much better then that!

The Gingerbread house turned out beautiful. Here is mom with both her children.  Just look at those beautiful smiles.   Memories being made.  

Sombody, STOP that lady before she eats the Gingerbread house. 

The next morning our granddaughter wanted to make us breakfast.  She worked really  hard to make one of Papa's favorite,  sausage gravy and biscuits.  

Frying the sausage while I made
 a batch of buck eye cookies.

YUMMY gravy.  She did such a good job.  It tasted very good and everything was made from scratch.  Good job for only 7 years old!

Our grandchildren each made a very special colored nativity picture for their Great Grandma Hanssen.  After the coloring was finished, the picture was oiled and latter laminated with a ribbon hanger.  I know gr-grandma certainly enjoyed these and hung them where everyone could see them in her assisted living apartment.
A very nice snow covered day to go 
for a walk and get the mail.
The grandchildren had lots of fun 
with their newest dog, Adell.  

These two are inseparable.  A boy and his dog.  He requested this picture.  

YEP,  that says my name.  

YEA, YEA,  Early Christmas and we even got to open a few gifts.  
Papa and Nana are first.  Maybe because we were guests but actually because the children were so very excited to see us unwrap the gifts they picked out for us. Papa got mixed nuts. 

and a very nice fishing sign.

I got a beautiful hanging wind spinner with a butterfly in the center, for our yard.  I love it and will wait until it warms up a little to hang it out.

So much fun to watch these sweet children open their gift.  I had a blast shopping for them and there were way too many things that I wanted to buy them but I stifled myself and got what I thought they might enjoy. 

I think they both enjoyed their gift and we had so much fun playing with the farm and the barrel racing cow girls for the rest of the day and the  next morning. 

Dad got shirt and pants, the shirt was a little too tight but the pants surprised him as they fit.  He has been working hard to loose some weight and we are very proud of both his and our daughter's progress.  We all know how much work and self discipline that takes.

Mom got another package,  kitchen towel and pot holder, batteries candle lights for in her nativity  and fun teacher angel hanger . 

Grandchildren were very eager to turn the homemade chocolate Ice Cream.

I couldn't believe how long they turned that crank,  the 5 year old counted to 200.  Good job.  Now he knows he can do it.  
Time to dip the peanut butter Buck Eye cookies.  

Yes we all took our turn turning 
the Ice Cream maker.  

Time to lick off the spinner from inside the ice cream maker.  I remember this very exciting event from when I was a child when me and my brother would taste the cold sweet ice cream and also memories of our two daughters as they did the very same thing about 35 years ago.    

Yes, it tastes great and will be even better tomorrow
 frozen harder from the freezer.

All dressed in special Christmas cloths.  Very handsome and she is absolutly beautiful in that red and white with sparkles dress.

So precious.  

Me and Papa had to get in the picture too.  

This is a Pyramid that we bought 22 years ago when we were in Germany.  We thought ahead and bought one for each of our girls too.  The grandchildren enjoyed listening to me tell the story of the first pyramid that a poor German farmer made about 200 years ago for his children for Christmas gift.  That was all he could afford so he made it fun to watch and special as it tells the story of the true first Christmas.

We sure had fun making these construction paper chains for the Christmas tree.  red,(for Blood of Jesus)   white(the pure sinless Jesus and our forgiven sins)  green (eternity).  


OK Nana,  lets get these long chains hung on the tree.   We also used this as an opportunity to teach the grandchildren about our ancestors and the olden days when this is one thing they used in decorating many years ago.
Absolutely beautiful. 
I will end my blog with pictures of the pets,  I just cant forget them.  4 dogs and 2 cats.  We brought special treats for the dogs too.  They were excited and each enjoyed their raw-hide candy cane. 

This is the smallest and oldest at 10 years old.
 (Notice how he is guarding his raw-hide treat.)

Ruby cat under the tree!
Why do cats love being under the Christmas tree?

Ruby cat and Misty cat!