Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"ALOHA" Hawaiian Adventure #6 The Memorial

Wednesday, bright and early or should I even say "dark and early" our 4 friends left for a tour of one of the other Islands while Jeff and I left for a very emotional, educational, information packed tour of Pearl Harbor, 
The Arizona Memorial.  

2 Chronicles 7: 14    If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.  

This is very important scripture from God and as we toured the memorial and the museums, we could see that our USA, was a Christian nation and God has certainly Blessed America in it's short time as a nation.  

I couldn't help but think of all the wicked ways our country today is turned our back on Gods Will and Word. Our nation needs to be ready and expect discipline and destruction as God has promised for those Nation who turn away from Him.  Let us all pray for our country. 
In line to get into the Memorial.
  Those boys were so funny with that big palm bark or whatever it was.  

The Submarine to the right and the new big bridge going to Pearl Harbor. 

The long list of all those who perished in the attack.

Notice the Memorial center of picture.  

Most of these pictures are self explanatory.    Above shows the ships and locations at the bombing.
First wave of bombing attacks was Dec 7th at 7:50 AM on a Sunday.   The second wave below was at almost 9 AM on Dec 7th.  It was about noon stateside when people heard the news.  My mother tells me about when her mom,  my Grandma Behm  heard the news of the attack on the radio.  She got big tears in her eyes, turned and told the children,   "Now all the young boys will have to go to war and many will be killed and not make it home".   She was so right. I have seen so many graves from WWII.   Her oldest son, Ferdinand, did have to go fight.  My father, Gregor Hanssen, who lived only miles from the Behm family was also drafted to fight for his country.   They both were protected by Gods mighty arm and His Angels to fulfill his purpose in their lives.   

Jeff looking at the inside of a submarine. 

Above is a picture of a postcard that a Seaman
 had already mailed home to his family, 

This big screen and the loud sound effects gave me goose bumps as they bombed our ships.  Made it so realistic like you were right there.
 I can just imagine the fright of those many seamen on board. 

These two photos are of a model of the Arizona and the layout under the white building memorial that was built over it as a constant memorial for all who died and a reminder that peace has prevailed in the United States of America but not without a cost. 

SURRENDER papers signed,  The WWII is over. 

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The memorial!  Everyone is so somber, quiet as they look at the sunken Arizona and know there are so many bodies still in the ship for their final resting place.  

Notice the fish?

There is still oil seeping from the ship and it leaves this swirly, colored oil on top the water in one area of the sunken ship. 

This is part of the large wall of names of those who died at the attack on the Arizona. 

  Below you will also see a list of names and dates (lower left of the wall) these seamen  were brought back years latter to be entombed with their shipmates. 
Notice all the flower leis laying under the railing as memorials for the
 seamen who gave their lives for our country.

The white markers mark the spot of other ships that were hit and destroyed in the attack.

This is the view from the Memorial and you can see much of Honolulu. 
The boat or ferry that we used to get to the Memorial.

This cool sign was by the museums.   On the bus ride back to our Hotel,  I took a few fun pictures of a barge,  a fish market, and ships.  

Sunday, April 12, 2015

"ALOHA" Hawaiian Adventure #5 Tuesday, St Patrick's Day

March 17th in Hawaii was interesting with a nice parade and lots of people wherever you were or looked.   This day in 2015 was not only St Patrick's Day  but our youngest daughter turned the big 40.  We certainly were thinking about her even though we were miles apart.                                                                                                                      To the left you can see just a few people anxiously waiting for the parade to start. 

Just some of the views of Honolulu as we walled and waited for the parade. 

Honolulu has rainbows on many things like city bus's, licence plates etc. This is kind of like their identity like Mt. Rushmore is to SD.  This is due to many real "GOD MADE" rainbows showing up often, almost daily if you are in the right area and at the right time to see them.  It was quite dry when we were there so we didn't spot one until the day we left.   The van driver said it happens in that one area almost daily about 5 or 6 PM.
And the St Patrics parade begins.  

The bagpipe band. 

Seems like you can't have a St Patrick's parade without Irish Wolf Hounds.  


WOW!  Look at all that green across the street.  I wonder if our side had as much green?

Many of the parade entries were handing out or throwing green bead necklaces.  Many had candy as well.

After the Parade we took our time walking back to the Hotel.  We stopped to read this memorial.
This is the Military Chapel on the Hale Koa Hotel grounds.
  It wasn't open so we did not get to see the inside.  

I know I wasn't going to share many flower photo's until I do my flower/plant blog , , , BUT, I just cant help but sneak this one in of this huge "yellow Hibiscus".  We saw many hibiscus in many colors but this big yellow one with the red center just happens to be the Hawaii State Flower. 
  SEE,  you learnt something! 
I really loved the shape of this big tree, like a very big umbrella to give shade from the hot sun. I am not positive but think this could be a Koa tree. 

We walked back to the Waikiki Beach in the afternoon.  It was just a relaxing time to sit at the Barefoot Bar with some snacks, a beer and very nice Irish music.

Mitch waiting for his beer,   Below,  Mitch with his beer.  

 Just listening to some fine music.  

OK, so they were giving out a few free samples of tropical drinks.   We enjoyed every single on but I must admit, I can't remember the name of the first one.   And would you believe none of them were green,
Time for another swim and hot tub. 

Here are a few sites as we walked down town Honolulu for some sea food for supper. 
ABC STORES are about on every city block or more.
 It is a fun little touristy drug store type place. 

Lot's of tall beautiful palms line the streets. 

Starbucks Coffee

OK, Here we are,  this looks like just the place for a great Sea Food .

6 PM,  Just in time for some great prices too.

Now that you are all hungry for seafood and got to see what we ate,  I will show you a poster of all the Hawaiian Seafood.  

More flowers,  this was a big bouquet of local flower's. You will see pictures of many of these latter on my Flower/plant blog. 

   After supper Jeff and Arnie went back to the Hotel while us four wandered around the interesting, very active,  evening streets of Honolulu.

There were many at street corners trying to entertain for money.  
These two pictures were taken from a big mall - over street walk that went across the street to more of the mall.

Part of the big mall.

Break dancing for coins!   or maybe more for attention.

There were people painting pictures of people, playing harmonica, ukulele, guitar you name it, they were there.   
Even GROVER was there.

Had to get a picture of this Jimmy Buffet's Restaurant and Bar.

This young man certainly had a crowd to watch him juggle.  A little further down the street was a man juggling with fire.  We also saw some very weird different people. 

I loved all the lights on the palm trees and the store windows at night.    We were back to the hotel by 9:30 PM and we were ready for a good night sleep since Wednesday would be a early morning for all of us. 
 Make sure to watch for my next blog update.