Friday, March 16, 2012

Acoustic Blue Grass Jam

This is the place to be on Thursday evening from 7 PM until 9PMish,
Many people gather for a meal, since this is a restaurant, and some good old fashioned music.
They call it a Acoustic Blue Grass Jam with 10 to 20 amateur guitar, banjo, mandolin, and other instruments gather to join in a "sing/play along"!

As you come into the restaurant-lounge-bar, there are old cars. Below is early evening before the crowd shows up. The empty area is where the large circle of musicians gather and play and sing.

Did I mention good beer?

Jeff even took his guitar and joined in the fun. Below is our neighbors and friends who invited us to the jam.

Here you can see the circle of people playing. This is just a off-the-top-of-your-hat song selections and tunes.

I hope you can get an idea of what it looks like from the pictures.
I tried to upload a couple short video's, they are at the very bottom of this blog post.
You will need to turn of my playlist in the pink box to the right
so you can hear the video music.

One of my favorite songs they play and sing is Wagon wheel, It has a real nice beat and
it seems like everyone can play it quite easy.

Even a washboard, spoons, harmonica and accordion.

Last, but not least, is the old fashioned tub and broom stick.
I even got to try my hand at that instrument. It was a lot of fun.
Never mind the WHITE TRASH sign behind me, It just happened to get in the picture.
they have those silly licence plate type signs all over.

Now this is the gal who really plays the bath tub and broom stick instrument. She is quite the lady and
plays a mean tub!

I actually think you might be able to play these two short video's. the first one is OH BROTHER and the last one is WAGON WHEEL or (ROCK ME MAMA). You might need to turn off my play list in the pink box at the upper right and then make sure you have the sound turned up on the video. I hope you can get an idea from this blog and video's and I hope you enjoy it.