Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Last week this time was the beginning of the HICS REUNION.

The HICS, HARDENED INTERSITE CABLE SYSTEM, Association reunion was held at Rapid City, SD. June 23-26, 2011. These are a group of Air Force people who served in the same field and were stationed at one or more of eight Air Force Bases, Grand Forks, ND, Minot, ND, Elsworth, SD, Malmstrom, MT, Warren, WY, Whiteman, MO, Vandenberg, CA, or Offutt, NE.
Rick and Diane French have organized not only this reunion but 4 others in previous years at 3 year's apart. Thank You very much for all the hard work and gathering so very much information and planning a wonderful, enjoyable reunion.
Registration was June 23, at the Raddison Hotel in Rapid City. It was a great time to get reacquainted and introduced to many who were not recognized or maybe never seen before but had heard others telling about. Some groups went out for supper, others stayed in the conference room to chat and share old stories.
Friday the 24th, a group took a bus to a missile site, Wall Drug and the bad lands, Ellsworth AFB museum. That evening many from the group gathered at the Hotel for a great time visiting, laughing, and catching up on years of service in the Air Force.
This is Jeff Falin, Joe and Alma Santos, and standing in back is Rich Black and Jack Clapp.
I will not be able to add all the names to all the pictures but these I did know.
I hope everyone will enjoy the pictures and see many who you recognize or worked with at one time or another.

I think this was the oldest couple there and what a couple. left is Liz and Donald (Fred) Flint and right is Diane French.
Left to right, Rick French, Larry Paske, Richard and Bonnie Robl.
Rich and Bonnie Robl.
The gal's had a great time too. This is Diane French, Dee Holmes and Charlene Anderson.
There is most likely a good woman behind every good man!

Kandy Black, Lissea and Jack Clapp.
Left to Right, Sal Ciulla, Bill Shaw, Jeff Falin, Jackie Anderson, Richard Robl and Terry Issacs.
Black, Falin and Robl enjoy seeing each other after many, many years.

Lots of stories with lots of action and laughter.

Looking at photo albums to share many memories.
The 3 men around table are Rich French, Jeff Falin and Howard Holmes.

June 25th was a full day with more sight seeing with the bus. A large group left at 9 AM, first stop was the famous Mt. Rushmore. We and a few other people drove there ourselves to meet them on the Mountain. After Mt Rushmore, the tour group headed to Custer park where they ate Lunch at a lodge and then through the Iron Mt Road that has many tunnels with each view through the tunnel is Mt Rushmore. then on to Crazy Horse Monument. The group had a very enjoyable time as you can see from the pictures below.

The men were so busy visiting and catching up, I wonder how many really got a good look at Mt. Rushmore. The gal's made it to the gift shop, souvenir's are a must!
Just in case you didn't see it, HERE IT IS!

Howard and Dee
Bill Shaw, Howard Holmes, Jeff Falin and Harry Miniken
Time to head back down the hill to catch the bus.
Sal and Pam take time to share a delicious cool treat.
Below is most of the group who went to Mt Rushmore.
These five missed out on the group picture so got their own.
It's 11:10 AM, time to get on the bus for the next fun adventure.
Mr Bus Driver was quite patient with everyone.
On the bus, ready to go to another interesting sight in the Black Hills of SD.
Good Bye, See you latter at the Hotel.

Hey gal's, never forget the pizza run and the storm and power outage. Sure was delitious pizza and I dare anyone to say otherwise! lol
Many camera's were capturing pictures of old friends and new aquaintences.
I will be updating a second HICS blog with many fun pictures from the Banquit and program.
Just in case anyone has forgotton, notice those dark storm cloudes creeping up behind the Raddison Hotel. At least the worst storms held off until early evening. OH Yes, Don't forget the Hail. It was at least golf ball size. These were at the south edge of Rapid, picture taken 2 hours after the storm.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fishing 2011

Wednesday was a beautiful, 70 degree, sunny, still day and such a nice day to spend at one of our favorite lakes, Pactola. The lake had been so low on water 2 or 3 years ago that we could not even dock the boat. 2 weeks ago, the water was so high that the docks were under water and some of the roads leading to the docks. But, this week was perfect.
You can see how still and beautiful the lake is.
I hope these pictures will make you feel like you are on the lake with us.

There were people enjoying boating, canoeing, kyaking, sailing, skiing, hiking, swimming, fishing like us, and just out enjoying the outdoors and beautiful weather.

We caught quite a few fish, some were too small to keep, like the one you see my husband Jeff with. Below he takes the lure from the mouth of a Rainbow Trout.
Me fishing and relaxing at the rear of the boat.

If you look very carefully, you can see a grey herring bird camouflage next to the shore.

This is the famous Ginny's Gulch where the younger generation hang out and jump or dive of the rocks. There were about 10 to 12 teenagers on the rocks yesterday.

If you have ever been to Pactola lake, you recognize this rock island just a short distance from the dam. 3 years ago it was completely out of the water and was not even considered a Island.

This is as we were calling it a day and coming into the boat dock. If you look closely you can see the many boats and pontoons that are stored at the docks.
Some of the fish we caught, above, Bluegill that were nice pan fish and below, the four 12 to 13 inch Rainbow Trout we caught. I hope each of you can take some time to enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful creation that God has given us.