Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Late October trip to E and W ND "Reformation" & "Halloween"


 Jeff and I took a trip to ND to pickup my mothers belongings that we had in a storage area.  We now can go through it as time permits having it close at hand.  The tree above was my mothers and my niece Angel and I had a great time going through my moms Christmas and Fall decorations.  We thank Angel and David for a good time and for being such good hosts in letting us stay at their beautiful home. We were only there 2 days so didnt get to see many friends and family.  We did spend a few hours with my cousin LeeAnn, and then drove out to spend time with my 91 yr old Aunt Vera.  
We spent a short time visiting the grave sight of my mom and dad,  my brother Dale and other family members and friends who have gone on before us.   

 The date is already on the head stone.  We took some fall flowers too.  
My dads VA foot marker.  

My aunt and uncle who was my mom's youngest brother.   

Fall flowers for on my only siblings grave.  My brother Dale.

Beautiful Cemetery and so thankful for St Andrew members for the hard work of upkeep.

On our way to western ND to visit our youngest daughter and family.  Here is Little Luther as we pass the geographical center of North America in Rugby, ND. 
Fun with grandchildren.  Noah with animals and below, farm and more farm.

Very nice ND day for a walk.   We saw old tractors, an old cement town safe and the big sky line elevators.

Getting prepared for the trick or treaters.
Helping with the cookie dough to make Reformation cookies for church coffee hour.
Enjoying spice tea with Papa.

Reformation cookies, we had fun making 5 doz cookies and everyone enjoyed them after the Reformation Worship service. 

Our 6 yr old grandson lost his first tooth.  So exciting to be there for this big event in his life.
Little Luther on the Lutheran Cross.

Our grandchildren really loved helping dad with the wood splitter.  

The carving of the Pumpkins.  Lots of fun with grandchildren, even Ansir came to join in the fun.
Messy job!
Our good-looking grandson, my how he has grown up to be a man.
This one was mine!  Yuck!

The finished jack-o-lanterns.  
We made our own fun Halloween carnival
even made our own tickets too.

Treats from Nana and Papa.

Getting all dolled up to be Elsa from the Frozen movie.

           Notice the pretty gloves?  Doesn't get much better than that. 

Below is our very own Minion , He is a cute one!

Absolutely beautiful. 

A little face paint will make this really a cute minion. A fun trip to the Nursing home to join in a great Halloween celebration and visit friends. Then after a great supper at home, out trick or treating around the town.  It was a good thing it finally stopped raining for that event.  It was so much fun doing all this with our grandchildren.  

Thursday, November 17, 2016

A trip South to celebrate 8th Birthday September 26

 Our granddaughter was very excited to attend a Cheer-leading workshop. 
Posing with her Papa. 

 Hair was braided and decorated for the evening football game where all the little girls could show what they had learned at the work shop. 
 Cute pose for the camera and for Nana.  We were so happy to be there for this exciting evening in our granddaughters life. 
 Her mom helped her add these cute Husker stickers.
It was just the right time of year for many butterfly's to get the last sweetness from the flowers still in bloom.

Finally half time and the girls were ready to cheer!

Our granddaughter is the front right.
 It was very cute.

Lots of little cheer-leaders,
 3 separate groups in ages. 
Birthday fun and gifts.

These are "Woodzeez"  and we had so much fun playing with them.  She also got a tree house and other family's of the "Woodzeez" animals. 

A Webkins that are getting harder and harder to find.  With a special code for computer they are yours to feed, buy things for, chose jobs etc.  "FUN"

What a cute idea for her Birthday cake and Mom did excellent job making and decorating it.

 Adding the  "8" candles. and lighting the  "8" candles.  It is hard to believe she is already "8".

Being sang to is always special on your birthday..  
Now to eat the cake and enjoy the sweetness of one precious "8" year old granddaughter and her family.  It was a very fun visit.