Friday, July 22, 2016

Graduation gifts

The opening of gifts was about to begin.

The overview from on the stairs.  Everyone was in suspense, "What is in that package?"
A lap top computer for college
 from his loving parents. 

Her first diamonds from her parents, Lovely Earings.  She already had her own computer.

What a gift.  Aunt Melissa had been working very hard on denim quilts for both her Godchildren.  They loved them 
and will get much use out of them in the future. 

Nana and Papa, thats me and my husband,  gave them both nice leather computer bags.   They loved them very much and will get much use during their college years. 

And from Greatgrandma Hanssen, they both got nice wood pen in wood box with bible verse
  Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
 plans to give you hope and a future. 

Very nice 2016 graduation Christmas ornament from cousin Angel.

Many other cards and gifts were opened in the evening and following day. They were both very appreciative of every graduation wish and everything they received, even those BIG GIGANTIC cards from cousin Amber and family.  

It was a fun memorable time for both of them and for all the family and friends who attended.  We pray that God would gently guide them, protect them and  strengthen them through the next few years as they work towards their future always trusting that HE has a special plan for them. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

MAY 14th 2016 Graduation celebrations

 On May 14th we enjoyed celebrating not only our 44th wedding anniversary but the High School Graduation of our oldest granddaughter and grandson.  They have both worked very hard through their home school. We are very proud of them both, and ask for God's blessings as they further their education.  

The parents got to present each home school student with their diploma. 

The whole family.
Cookies for all to enjoy after the graduation.
The proud parents.  
Dad 'high-fives'  his good friend and neighbor.

Jeff and I with our grandchildren, the graduates.

Love, Love those smiles.
Each student had a  "class of 2016" memories board. They were set up all around the Church floor.

A very good friend of our grandchildren also graduated from her home school High School.   

Good friends are forever.
Notice the different color tassels,
 each home-school gets to choose their own color along with name. Ours were black and silver.

Great friend and neighbor.

Friends for most of their lives , 
also fellow church members. 

Nana is looking very happy 
to share such a special event. 
Papa is just as proud as can be. 

Aunt Melissa, also God Mother,
came a long way to help celebrate.  

Another best friend to share the day. 

Relatives from ND traveled the miles to see these two graduate.  What fun we had.  

More fun graduation pictures.
Little sister is looking pretty cute, first in big sisters Grad cap,
 then in big brothers Grad cap.   

The decorating and cleaning.  Good job girls!

Let the graduation party/open house begin. 

So many people came to help celebrate. over 90!

Meanwhile, in the kitchen . . . .

Mom  cuts the cake.  (Nothing Bundt Cakes)

Beautiful house with graduation decorations.
Silly cousins!  

The older cousins minus the youngest boy cousin who couldn't be there.

 First cousins minus the eldest grandson
 who was not able to make it. 

Delicious food, who made
all those bun sandwiches ? ? ? 

These cards have to be the biggest Graduation cards yet!   (FUN)

After the Open House and evening draws near,  the graduates and big group of their friends enjoyed a visit around the fire pit. 

And the party continued.