Monday, October 12, 2009

The trip from ND to SD

8 of us left ND on Sept 21st to come to SD. Jeff and I, our oldest daughter, the 5 chicks, our grandchildren and our 12 yr old dog. Yes it was a load but went very well with well behaved children. It was quite enjoyable especially for me who got to sit in back with the children. Jeff and our daughter did the driving and it was not always pleasant due to rain and very strong wind. Our son-in-law left a day early with our Tahoe to attend a conference.
We stopped at a park so mom could nurse the baby and you can tell energy and silliness was in the air as they acted up on the outdoor theater stage and ran down to a Air Force plane that was on display.

Full stomach and a very tired baby!
Below the 2nd oldest enjoys a road game!

Bear Country was the first big adventure. Here Mom takes pictures of the big black bear.
There were many animals to enjoy including these big buffalo.

See that sleeping Bear?

That one is sitting up like a person!

Even the baby spotted the bear and other animals.

Bear Country baby land was also fun for all!

A special ride with Nana and Papa. We got to see lots of beautiful scenery!

A picnic next to a creek. It was perfect weather for the afternoon fun.

Panning for Gold in the creek. Yep, I think I see a little flake!

Even Dad got in on the action. Everyone got their feet wet
and some got even more wet then their feet!

The 3 oldest grandchildren enjoyed a little rock climbing. What fun SD is.

Below are pictures of some of the other fun in our back yard and in our home.

Our 4 yr old grandson had a lot of fun with his toy gun!

Watching something fun on the computer with Papa!

It was so much fun but time just flew by too fast.
Lots of fun family memories. It is such a blessing to spend time with family!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Adventures on the farm!

Our youngest Granddaughter and her mom (our oldest daughter) enjoying the green grass and fresh warm air!
Notice the beautiful flowers in the background. My mother still has a green thumb both Indore and out!

Here we were looking at my fathers WW II medals! We are all very proud of him and his job in the Army protecting our country!

We found these huge pumpkins in the garden and decorated the yard.

The grandchildren enjoying the harvest. They got to take turns riding in the combine.

They got a long ride with Uncle Dale on the swather.
So much fun!

Watching the combine unload into the truck.

Unloading the truck load of wheat into the granary.

My dad watches as the wheat load is being unloaded.

My dads faithful dog, Spot, is almost always at his side when he rides his four-wheeler.

Combining until sun set or even after sun set.

Our 4 yr old grandson in the wheat field.

It's a big, big field for such a little guy! I think he was getting ready to jump over the swath!

Our 11 yr old granddaughter walks in the wheat field and checking out a head of wheat!

Grandchildren in the golden ripe wheat field.

Hear comes the combine, who will get to ride this time?

One of the things we always enjoy is a walk in the Coulee. This is our farm from across the Coulee.

Walking in the coulee. We all had to find a walking stick.

Pass the baby up the creek bank. We took turns carrying her but
I think mom had her the most. At least both our daughters and all 6 grandchildren
got to walk the coulee together.

Peek a boo behind the big tree.
It is so beautiful down in the coulee and so many interesting things to see.
Here they all sit on the big rock shaped like a loaf of bread.
They called it the Loaf of Bread rock!

The boys off on an adventure!

Mom, Dad and the three little ones off on a coulee adventure.

Papa and Nana in the coulee with all seven grandchildren.
What a great time we had!

Papa with the baby! She loves her Papa!

What a fun couple of days on the farm. These are fun memories!
It's wonderful to spend this quality time with family!
It reminds me of when my brother and I were children and we used to
walk in the coulee several times each summer, with my mother. She always pointed out Gods wonderful creation!