Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Porcupine VBS Day 2 (last day)

We had 20 students from a Lutheran school in Hong Kong join us for day 2 at Porcupine. They are easy to recognise due to the bright orange polo shirts and name tags. The three girls at the top picture road in our mission van and thus we got to visit with them one on one for a couple travel hours. They all very much enjoyed the trip to the reservation, the information center for a potty break and the VBS puppet wagon, lessons,and the Native American children . The attendance was high at about 90+. What an opportunity to tell the Gospel of Christ Jesus. There were also 5 pastors and 2 vicars there. What a day!

Inside the Tee Pee at the information center.

You can see all the orange during the VBS opening.

The puppet wagon with the costumed animals on the back drives through the housing area with music and invitation that VBS is about to start. Many children run behind and follow down to VBS.

Some road their bikes.

Some sat in the back!

Some were right up front for a close up view of the Puppets.
The Gospel was told using the story of the three little pigs and how we need to build our house on the sure foundation with Jesus as the head.

This is some of the singing puppets, singing "Jesus Loves the little children, all the children of the world".
You can see the sign on the Puppet wagon telling it's from the Rosebud Lutheran Church on the Rosebud Reservation. Every Year it travels the 3 hours from Rosebud to Porcupine which is on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Pastor Andrew Utecht heads up our 2 day VBS.
This was the 5th VBS he and his family have presented this month.

Pastor Andrew Utechts Vicar, Max presented the flannel board Bible Story of the Prodigal Son. He did a very good job with this and you can see from the photo below that many were listening to the lesson.

The children in the front were leading the VBS music. Vicar Max was playing the Guitar.

Snack time!
Our Hong Kong students were help full in serving the drinks.

Craft time. Painting on cups that would latter hold soil and a live flower plant for each.
These plants were to remind them of the fruits of the spirit that are a gift from God.

As many were listening to the word of God, singing and praising our Lord and Savior, Satan was active in the area. About half way through our VBS, A young man who had been active in our church came running down from the housing area with news of a 12 yr old young man who had just taken his own life. This young man, along with his family had been to our church many times, even Monday, day 1 of VBS. Rev Robert Utecht along with my husband Jeff, immediately went up to be with the family with Bible readings and prayers at this very sorrowful time. We hurt for the family and hate the power of the evil foe, trying to destroy Gods word going forth. Please pray for Gods Spirit to go forth on this Reservation.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Porcupine VBS "Day 1"

The Puppet Wagon comes to Porcupine. We had our first of two days VBS today. It was a warm, 92 degree day but we have seen much hotter days.

The theme of VBS this year is The Fruits of the Spirit. You can see the puppets show with fruits singing and telling the Bible truths. Notice the girl in pink top, she has been given a yellow piece of paper with one of the Fruits of the spirit, these slips of paper were given out as children showed Kindness, Love, Joy or Patience. At the end of the day they received a gift if they had received a Fruit paper.

We had smaller groups for the Bible lesson. This is Pastor Andrew Utecht with some of the boys.

Our VBS today was especially blessed by having this young couple bring their 6 week old baby boy to be Baptised. There were about 55 children and a doz adults there for the Baptism and you could have heard a pin drop. Before the actual baptism, Rev. Robert Utecht did a great job of explaining the Baptism as being adopted by God as His very own child. How wonderful for all these VBS children to witness a baptism.

Everyone enjoyed the cake and cup cakes along with other treats and kool aid.

This small group was led by Magdiel (Max) who is a summer Vicar for Pastor Andrew Utecht. Max is from Mexico and his father is a LCMS pastor. Max name is from the Bible, Genesis 36: 43 (a descendant from Esau). Max did a very good job with the Bible lesson. Most of these little girls even learnt the Memory verse. 1 Thessalonians 5:15 b Always try to be kind to each other and to everyone else.

Max made sure everyone knew which page he was on and took time to explain everything very thoroughly.

Pastor Andrews son Amos along with Max Guitar accompaniment, led the group in music. Some of the songs being "JOY, This Little Gospel Light of mine and Father Abraham".

Craft Time! Sand pictures with a cross and heart. The children has a great time with these and were very proud of their sand craft creation.

The older children, 12 yrs old and up got to make this nice cross with shells and sand, FOOT PRINTS is the message on the cross.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun day trip to Custer State Park

Our oldest daughter with their 5 children. We love having her spend the week with us and wish her husband could have been here too, He had to work!

Sylvan Lake

The beginning of the hike. The children wanted to go on a hike and this was a nice fun long hike around Sylvan Lake.

We took our two vehicles that have State passes, (stickers) We drove through small tunnels.

Papa resting a bit while the grand kids climb and enjoy the scenery.

Our twelve year old granddaughter with her little sister, 20 months old.
Nana and Papa with the grandkids.

We went through the Needles Highway and this is part of the Needles Eye.

We had a fun picnic, a little late but when your hungry the food always tastes very good.

It took us a while to find a empty picnic table.

What wondrous rocks God has created for our enjoyment.