Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun March visit to ND x 2

Jeff and I had the privilege to travel to Western ND to spend a few days with our daughter, her husband and our grandson.
It was a fun time and we enjoyed celebrating Melissa's birthday with her on her special day. I can't remember how long it has been since I could bake and decorate her birthday cake. It was a spice cake with Carmel frosting. Decorated in green with 3 shamrocks since her birthday is on St Patrick's day. The shamrock is often used as a symbol of our Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The candles were not any special number or color, just candles I had left in my drawer.
We gave her this new blue leather purse, and also a couple t-shirts that match it and also fabric so her and I could sew a couple skirts while we were visiting.
The weather was cold and snowy, even stormed on her birthday but we were comfy warm in the house and sewing up a storm! We had a great time.
Ansir with his Ruby cat who absolutely loves him, hugs him and looks for him when he is not around!
We took time to enjoy a nice class of wine and visit.
We made matching aprons from some fabric Melissa had laying around.
Three easy skirts that will all match her purse.
Jeff and I with Melissa. Below, Ansir and Tim with Melissa. Thank You Sutton family for a GREAT time!

After several days in Western ND we traveled to Eastern ND to spend another several days with my parents, sister-in-law, nieces, nephew and other relatives.

I was especially excited to see the new additions to the family. Our second niece had twin girls on March 14th. So at one week old, we had the opportunity and blessing to meet them and to witness my parents first emotion and happiness as they first met their Great Grand children.
It was so fun to watch them hold them and try to tell them apart.
My dad with Kaylee, previous picture my dad is holding Kenzie.
These two pictures show such a young new born hand, 1 week old holding the finger of her 92 yr old Great Grandpa.

Kaylee Joy

Below is Kenzie Dale

My brother, their grandfather was named Dale Lee!

Jeff and I certainly enjoyed time with the girls. They are both absolutely beautiful and healthy. Kaylee weighed 6.5 lb at birth and Kenzie's weight was 7 lb. Very good size for twins. I am not posting pictures of their mother since she was not feeling at all well and also very tired. I just thank her and Her husband for letting us spend a few hours with their lovely family.
So sleepy, she had been awake most of the night!
My parents again with the girls. Something to be very proud of and give thanks to Our Loving Heavenly Father.
Dad with both girls. He said he had never held twins before and now they are his Great Grandchildren.
Proud Aunt Angel, has been a big part in the life of their older brother and will also be a big part of their lives, she is the care giver who will babysit as their parents are at work. Aunt Angel also did a beautiful job decorating their room and her and her husband David have purchased many cute (very cute) outfits. keep watch on my blog for more pictures at a latter date. The girls are blessed to have such a caring, loving Aunt and Uncle. Also blessed to have my youngest Nephew as their Uncle.
Grandma Kathy, my sister-in-law, holds and comforts her sweet precious granddaughter. Sorry, I got the wrong picture here, this is Kenzie, not Kaylee. The Ka in Kaylee is for Kathy and Lee was Dales middle name.

My mother, Great Grandma holding both girls. They look a lot alike now but they are not fraternal twins so as they grow older I know they will be much easier to tell apart and each have their own personality.
My mother holding "Y" and "Z". That is not their nick names, I just thought it was easy way tell who they were! LOL (for a Grandma or an Aunt, LOL stands for lots of love!)
This is a special blessing since these girls Grandpa Dale went to be with God on August 17th. They both have been given part of Dales name as a special remembrance of their Grandpa that they will have to wait to see in heaven.
This is proud Aunt Angel and big brother. He won't be two yr old until March 30th. He is a big boy.

Grandma looks very comfortable with this little bundle in her arms. I am sure many hours will be spent doing just that!

Grandchildren are a special gift from God.

We thank our loving Heavenly Father for the life he has given Kaylee and Kenzie. Preserve and protect them and bring them to the saving waters of Holy Baptism. Be with parents, brother and caregivers, fill them with love, and strength as they care for your children you have entrusted to them, In Jesus name, Amen