Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Bible Bee (part 1 of our vacation)

The next several blogs will be reviewing our 2 weeks of family visits, celebrations and fun. The first part of our trip was to NW North Dakota on Sept 11th.
This is our Grandson who lives in ND! He entered a very intense Bible Bee that was held on Sept 12th.

In the picture above, He was in His thinking mode. He had spent many hours in the previous 4 months studying and memorizing for this Bible Bee Competition. It certainly did pay off as He won the First Place for the Junior Division. We are very proud of him and we know all the Bible knowledge will be of great help to him in His future.

He was hoping to attend the National competition but missed that by hair. There is always next year and we will be rooting for him!
This is the house that our youngest daughter, son-in-law and grandson will be purchasing. We were pleased to see the home even though the sale will not be final until Oct 1st. Above our Grandson is sitting with his Grandfather visiting.
This is our daughter, husband and their son in front of their new home.
Here our grandson was spending some fun visit time with his Papa! I got to accompany him on his Sunday Morning Paper route and we enjoyed attending church service and Bible class with them.

Since we stayed an extra day, my daughter and I decided to take on a big project we had been planning to do for quite some time. Refinish their table.

It went very well and you can see we acquired some help from the men to sand and get ready for the finish.

Tim put on the first coat of stain/varnish. It was a big project for one day but was very rewarding when we saw the finished table.

It will look lovely in the new dining area of their new home. The two big table leaves have also been refinished. We are anxious for our next visit and see things in the new home.
We left for the Eastern part of ND on Monday the 14th to spend time with my parents.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Amazing Bulb

This spring when I saw these Gladiola on sale, I decided I would try them in my flower garden.

This is what the variety of bulbs looked like. Not a pretty sight. They look dried up and very dead. I once used Gladiola bulbs for our Church woman's group devotion. I had bagged up one bulb in each decorated bag and tied it with pretty ribbon. The Bulb reminds us of Jesus , Dead in the grave after that horrific Good Friday. Each was encouraged to plant the bulb that fall and watch for the life, the green to appear in spring. Finally to watch for the beautiful lively bud and flower that reminds us of the great joy of Jesus Resurrection on Easter Morning. The planting of the bulb was a simple of our telling someone about Jesus. Planting the Seed. in this case bulb. Through Gods work through His Spirit, cosing it to grow. Faith. I always wonder how many of those 55 bulbs grew.

This is the bottom of the bulb and you can see where the roots will start forming.

This is the top where you can already see a tiny sprout forming. I planted about 25 of the bulbs and gave a few to my cousin.

Most of them came up and got off to a great start.

Below you can see a few that actually bloomed. Yes they were very pretty.
Unfortunately, this was the year for grasshoppers and I would guess that Gladiolas are their favorite food! Most of the green leafy plants turned out looking more like dried army green lace for all the holes the grasshoppers had munched into the plants. Only about 5 bloomed but they sure were pretty and all were a different color.