Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 2, 2014, fun evening with good friends.

 Last evening our friends invited Jeff and myself to go to the US Air Force Tops in Blue.  We always look forward too and enjoy time spent with Joe and Barb.   We enjoyed a fun meal out so we could spend quality time visiting and then a fun filled, action packed, entertainment jammed a hour and 45 minutes of continued wonderful music.  This was a free concert and great.  I highly recoment you attend one of these Tops In Blue concerts if they come close to your area. We certainly enjoyed it. Below are just a few pictures that I took from far away in the balcony with my zoom lens and without a flash.  The pictures are not so good but certainly gives an idea of the diversified concert for their 60th year anniversary performance.

Lots of tunes that we recognized and some we even were invited to clap or sing along.
Many, many changes of costume.  There were a total of 34 highly talented entertainers.  
 Some fun things for the children too. Despicable Me, Beauty and the Beast and others.  

They even sang the very popular "LET IT GO" from the new movie  Frozen.   I must admit that a sweet little girl, about 3 yr old who was sitting a couple rows in back of us stoll the show with her very loud, expressive, on key, singing of that song.  I think she knew every word.   SO CUTE!

 Every one knew and sang along with this song, YMCA,  it started with the men in back row, dressed like Village People,  then the women came out dressed as Village People, and ended the song with front row dressed in the different branch of Armed Forces.  It was great.
There were tunes from every era of past 60 years.  Even some country, rap and classical. Unlike other shows I have seen, there was no break whatsoever between songs, went directly from one to another.  They reminded me of the "Energizer Bunny"  never wearing down.   

 This last song of the evening got a standing ovation and much applaud just after the final line,  GOD BLESS THE USA. 
After the show they were all lined up out in the civic center hall to greet and shake hands.  What a great evening to start the 4th of July celebration of our freedom.