Wednesday, December 21, 2016

AWAY IN A MANGER, Our annual Christmas party. Dec 19, 2016

 We enjoyed a fun annual friend Christmas party on Monday Dec 19th.  It was originally scheduled for Friday the 16th but we had to cancel due to extreme cold, snow and wind.  

The men enjoyed a good visit as it had been months since we have all seen each other.  

The women enjoyed their share of visiting too as we had a light meal with snacks. 

 Everyone had the opportunity to create their own craft "AWAY IN A MANGER"  These would latter be judged by one of our guests.  Many craft items, glue, scissors and glue gun were provided.  
Very busy, very involved.

Very sweet baby JESUS!

Opening the unanimous gifts is always a big hit. .  Several exchanges were made before their gift was opened.  Everyone trying hard to avoid  "THE BEE" our traveling  gift  that has changed hands many times and been changed into many things to fit our party theme.

 The hymn "AWAY IN A MANGER" was sung line by line whoever had drew the right line.  Their hymn line was also used to chose the initial pkg each would get, they were matched up with a hymn line that had been attached to each unanimous gift .  Very hard to explain but it was fun, guess you had to be there. 

Well, well, what do we have here in this tiny pkg?    A tiny nativity with a note.  
  OH NO!  The note says,  

This was more like a "BEE IN A MANGER"   or should we say "BASKET?"     Diaper and all. 

Drum Roll  PLEASE,
 and the winner is . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The winner!
 created  by my second cousin Melissa H. 

Some of our very unique wine.  We also had coffee, hot chocolate, soda, and tea.
It was a great evening and ended with
a prayer for Advent and
  Luther's evening prayer.  
 Merry Blessed Christmas 2016.