Friday, February 28, 2014

Christmas celebration 2013 with Family

Christmas is a blessed time of year when we enjoy celebrating a very special gift of love, God's very own son, Jesus.  It is like a big wonderful Birthday Celebration for Jesus with worship, the word and sacrament, lights, family, friends, songs, food and gifts.   

I love the way the lights of the tree and decoration shine through the darkness,  it reminds me that Jesus is the light that came into a dark, broken and sinful world to shine the light of salvation and forgiveness to all who Believe .
Our Grandson looked quite spiffy all dressed up in his Christmas best.  He has a clear voice as he read Luke 2,  The True Christmas message from Gods true word, the BIBLE,  

Time for gifts.  OH my, what a special gift from his parents, one he will be able to use for his college classes.  As you will learn in my following post, this nice gift also doubled as his graduation gift.  Below, mom and dad pose with their excited son. 

More pictures of Christmas gifts.
  Jeff  above with two fun gifts from the Suttons.  I also got wonderful gifts but then I was behind the camera so you will have to imagine my excitement.  

Even the Grand Puppies were excited and each got a fun gift,  a raw-hide editable card.  It was so nice to have the grand-puppies, Rosco above and Trixie below, to spoil since this was the first Christmas without our Baxter Dog. 

More gifts and cards.  

Ansir trying out his new lap top computer.  YEY,  it works just like it should.  Below he tried on his new footy, comfy warm PJ's from Great Grandma.  Such a ham he is but I am sure they will be used a lot in the sub 0 temps in ND. 

Christmas morning church to worship with word and sacrament.  The Christmas eve service was also beautiful with a candle lite service.  Below you will see our two pastors greeting everyone after the service.

We had a great time posing for a couple pictures with our grandson.  

The Christmas table ready for the meal of Ham with all the trimmings. 
The sun came out and it was perfect conditions to build a snow man.  I don't know who's idea it was to put the concrete bird lawn ornament on the head for a hat.  
My cousin Melissa came to exchange gifts, eat the Christmas meal with us and join in a bit of the fun. 

Our daughter found some beautiful tasty old fashioned ribbon candy.  My parents talked of their childhood years when hanging ribbon candy and last years ribbons on the tree was a normal decoration for 80 years ago.  My how times change.  Who can remember this ribbon candy?

Two special pictures of the Grand Puppies.  They loved coming for a visit and getting special treats and attention.