Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Robin in January?

YES, this really is a Robin in our crab apple tree. This is very unusual to see a Robin in January in SD. We have had a abnormally warm winter so far. My husband spotted this Robin this afternoon and I grabbed my camera. We are having a cold front this week with low this morning of -1 degree with a high today of 27 degrees. When I look at the birds in our yard I can't help but think of Gods Bible verse from Luke 12 verse 22-25 . Then Jesus said to his disciples: "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. Life is more then food and the body more then clothes. Consider the ravens; They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds. Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life ?"

The helper

This is our 7 yr old grandson who loves to do what his Papa dose. He was a good helper when it came to carrying in fire wood for our wood stove. Toby dog (5 mo old) was always close by and did not want to miss out on any of the excitement. All 4 grandchildren enjoyed watching Papa start the evening fire.


I had seen a vehicle with several fish on so when I was in search for a gift for our daughters birthday in Oct. We gave her this family of Christian Fish. The first and Greek fish is for our Son-in-law who is studying Greek, the other large is for our daughter and the 4 smaller of course are for their 4 children. (please excuse the dirt on the vehicle, it had just traveled across the state of SD)

Before You Knew

This is one of the gifts I gave my daughter this Christmas. I named it Before You Knew! Rather unusual, Right? This is the front part of a wool sweater in a frame. She had used some of her hard earned money to buy me a very special wool sweater with black and white springer spaniel dogs on. This was from her first real job when she was in High School and we were stationed in Germany about 15 years ago. This was before she knew that she would have a very wonderful loyal black and white springer spaniel dog named Roy as pet for 12 years. For those of you who read her blog or know her, you remember that Roy dog has past on this last Nov. I had loved and wore my sweater so much in the past 15 years that it had holes in it. This was the perfect year to give part of this memorable sweater back to my daughter with love just like she had given it to me 15 years earlier.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Every time I look at this beautiful picture of my daughter, I can't help but think of her kind, gentle, loving ways when she teaches and interacts with her 4 children. Here she is with her youngest son, teaching him and helping him , with her guiding hand over his, snuff out a candle. I have seen this same gentleness and love with each of her 4 children.
God has placed her in the position of being a mother and has definitely given her His love and strength to do so on a daily bases. She is a wonderful wife, home schools the children along with keeping up with house work, cooking, 4 H and many church activities. She can accomplish more in 2 hours then I get accomplished in a full day. I know this is with Gods help as she depends on Him for every need. God place's His almighty, power full hand over ours and guides us through life. His loving hand is already there, let us not push it away!

Monday, January 22, 2007

The German Pyramid

Our four grandchildren who were here with their mother visiting for the past week enjoyed watching our German Pyramid. We purchased this unique German Christmas decoration about 15 years ago while we were stationed near Kaisersloughtern or Ramstien Air Force Base. I enjoyed telling our Grandchildren how the Pyramid came about some 200 years ago.
A poor farmer wanted to do something very special for his many children for Christmas. Since he could not afford to purchase gifts He went out to his work shop and created this beautiful pyramid. He wanted it to tell the true story of Christmas as well as be entertaining or fun for the children to watch. He made 3 tier's, the top with heralding Angels proclaiming the Savior has been born for all people. The second has the poor lowly shepherds who were the first to hear the good news. then on the bottom, is the Nativity with Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus in a manger Who would one day save His people from our sins by sacrificing Himself on the cross in place of us, for our sins and resurrecting from the grave. Then also on the bottom tier is the Wise men with the camels who came from afar following the Star. They were a different richer people, Kings with gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Mir. Reminding us that Jesus was born for all people, rich or poor. God loves us all. The heat from the candles make the fan go around and also the Shepherds and Wise Men reminding us that we also should Go and tell the good news. What a wonderful idea this loving father had for His Children. What a wonderful plan God had for us His Children!

The Big Box

In Nov. My Husband and I purchased a rather large piece of exercise equipment. (I have to confess that my husband has used it mush more then I have.)
Knowing that our Daughter and 4 grandchildren were coming to spend a week with us in Jan. we kept the box thinking it might be fun for them to play with, weather permitting. As you can see, the weather was exceptionally nice for January in SD. Not only our 5 grandchildren enjoyed the box but also our 5mo. old Grand puppy, Toby, had fun trying to get the children and playing peek with them. Sometimes the things we think are useless and only worth burning or throwing away are the most fun for someone else. We had a wonderfull week celebrating a late Christmas and just so much quality visit time. We thank God for our two daughters and their families!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Hello Town & Country Van

We received a good trade in and good deal at a big end of year car sale at our big civic center. I couldn't believe all the Automobiles both outdoor and indoor. This 2005 is in very good condition and we feel this will fit our needs perfectly. We also liked the deep red, or paprika color.
It has sto-n-go seats so would work for both people (more then likly family) or cargo!

Good-by Buick

We said good-by to our 1998 Buick
La Saber last week. We had been keeping our eye open for a good deal
on a Van. We figure a van would be good for travel space and also easier for my husband to get in and out.
Our Limited Buick was a good car with lots of memories. We even took our Buick on a trip to Niagara Falls, NY.
This picture was taken at a very beautiful spot in the bad lands on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation.
Notice the full moon against the dark sky.


This is our old cat about 13 years old. He always loves to adorn our Christmas tree by laying under it. Even though he is starting to show his age, he has such beautiful blue eyes.

Crystal ornament

This crystal ornament that I purchased for the millennium Yr 2000, reminds me every year at this time of the New Year and how fast time passes . Time is something we can not purchase or gain. We can only spend it. So we must spend it wisely.

The fouth angel

My thoughtful son-in-law, in his anoymous gift, wound up with the fourth angel on the picture at right. We all noticed it matched my three angels I had purchased as a new Christmas decoration. After everyone had gone home I noticed there stood a 4th angel along with my 3 angels. He knew it matched and also knew how much I would enjoy having that angel. What a precious thing for him to do! Thanks!

This is another (wings) anonymous gift that was transformed from a patio Bee that has been traveling from one to another from our small group for the last 5 years. It has been many different colors, had 50's glued to it for a 50th b-day party, been a angel and now THIS! Now it has become a BEE 1 and at the from it said, " Miss BEE haven" I can tell this creation took a lot of thought and work time. It always generates a roar of laughter everytime it shows up again at our functions. We can't wait to see how or when it appears again.

the party gift

We always have a annual Christmas party with a special theme. This year the party was on Dec 30th with the theme of wings. One of the foods we served was barbecue chicken wings. Our anonymous gift exchange had to be something with wings. This lovely item pictured at the right was created just for me since I have always had a fetish with eye balls. This was my grandsons monsters ink toy that his parents helped transform into a angel. Even though this creature bothers me with its glaring one eye, I must admit it is kind of cute and a cute idea.