Friday, October 18, 2013

Our first "COW PASTURE" wedding

 Sep 28th 2013 was our first opportunity to attend a  "COW PASTURE" wedding.  It was not only unique and fun but very interesting.  It was a lovely day with a mild breeze and much sun shine.
 The parents of the bride, our good friends looked very nice and it was a splendid day for them, a day they had been preparing for and looking forward to for a long time.  This pasture, land is on the Augustine Ranch where the father was brought up and raised. 
Last minute instructions for the music DJ. 

 Lot's of pictures of this beautiful 5 yr old flower girl.  She did an excellent job and looked like a little princess. 

 Where the nuptuals would be made.  3 containers of sand, one orange, one white and the other red. The bride, the brides daughter and the groom would pore the sand into a glass container making one beautiful sand art piece.  The bride is a Art teacher and very creative.  
 The wedding begins.  
 Mom and dad walking the Bride.

Bible reading, prayer, music and a poem read by the brides daughter, the vows, the exchange of ring, the poring of sands and introduction of the newly weds.  There was a moment when a few cows were just over the hill and added a few "MOO'S to the event.  
 You can see the rough cut planks on the hay bales
 made nice "cow pasture" seating.

 After the wedding,  the bride and groom took their time and greeted each guest.  
Below is such a sweet picture of the brides sister, Tracy.

 The greeting.

 The groom in 3 different color tones.  I always enjoy playing around with photo shop.  

Below,  the lovely happy bride in 3 different color tones.  

The brides Aunt and Uncle with their youngest grandson. Their granddaughter was the flower girl and below you will see their third and oldest grandchild. 

 YEP!  There is the proof,  Cow pie at the Cow Pasture wedding.

 Guests gathering after the wedding.  
 Beautiful setting for the pictures.

Above,  Bride Christy, groom Adam with Cal and Verle, parents of the bride. 

Tracy, sister of bride, parents of bride and daughter of the bride. 

 The mother of the bride with her 3 sisters.  

 First cousins and best friends. 
Below,  Bride with flower girl, her cousins daughter.  
 So sweet.

Precious picture of mother and daughter.  

 These ribbons and many other Burma-shave type signs marked the turnoff into the "Cow Pasture."
 After a lovely meal, toasts and much visiting,  the bride and groom share the first dance.

 Father of the bride gets the second dance.  "Butterfly kisses"
 Brother and sister, Sandy show some dance moves.  

 Much dancing and fun for all.  

Last but not least,  Dad, father of the bride dances with his oldest daughter.