Sunday, July 17, 2011


The last evening of the HICS reunion was a wonderful banquet and program. Below is Lissea Clapp and Diane French who welcomed everyone, made sure everyone had their door prize tickets and sold raffle tickets for a Wii.

Greetings friend!
Don and Liz Flint

Jeff Falin enjoying a conversation with Col. James Cowan.

Everything was set up beautifully and the evening was very relaxed, fun and memorable.

Left to right, Alma and Joe Santos, Sal Ciulla, and Jack Clapp.

This is the group at our table, L to R Rick and Diane French, Dee and Howard Holmes, Lissea and Jack Clapp and me, Diane and Jeff Falin.

This was the prank door prize. This is the ever famous Jack-a-lob.

Don Flint was a important part of the program.
Below , Pastor Howard Holmes had the invocation.

Rick and Diane French who have been responsible for organizing, planning and setting up for all of the HICS /MISSILE COMMUNICATIONS reunions.
This 2011 reunion was wonderful and we certainly thank both of them

for all their time and hard work.
The next HICS reunion will be held at Omaha, NE in three years.

Don Flint doing the door prize thing. Evidently James Cowan

is lucky and always walks away with a door prize or winning.

From speaker,



This was hilarious!

Finally returning something borrowed!

There was food, very good food!

And delicious dessert.

remembering . . .

A special thank you and gifts given to Rick and Diane French and Don Flint.

Presentation by Howard Holmes and Larry Paske.

Most of the men got together for a group picture.

If you put your cursor on any of these pictures and click on it, the photo should enlarge.

And then it was the women's turn for a group picture.

Below, Jack and wife Lissea Clapp

Signing the thank you cards for Rick and Diane French and Don Flint.

It was a very enjoyable 4 days.