Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Photos of family

St Andrew Cemetery in November.  Many family and friends are buried in my home town church cemetery.  

It was a beautiful day with the white snow covering to take a special garland decoration to the St Andrew Cemetery .

My beloved Dad and Mom, miss them dearly!

My older brother Dale, after 7 1/2 years, it is still hard to believe.

My brother's 3 grandchildren who love to hear every memory of him, and I have plenty to tell..   
This is my sweet cousin Audrey
who I loved so much.
little Christmas tree for my Grandparents on my mothers side.  

My Grandpa Seede and Grandma Anna Hanssen on my Dads side.

Since I had my Niece and family all together, I just couldn't pass up an opportunity for a family photo.  If you know me, you know I love to take pictures. I love the white snow, open field background. 

I think this one is my favorite. The sun was a bit bright in their eyes though!

As we left the cemetery, we drove by my family farm.  I lived there for 21 years and enjoyed every aspect of being on a farm.  My dad was born on this farm and at 94 he died on this farm only feet from where he was born.  My mother lived there until she was almost  93 years old and died at a Good Samaritan home at 95 yr's.

This farm is still so beautiful and filled with great memories.  A lot of love grew on that farm!

It was so fun to watch my older Niece and husband put up their Christmas tree.  She loves Christmas and puts up several trees and many beautiful decorations.  

These children love being at their Aunties house.  They even got to help decorate the tree, we all got to help.  it was a family affair.   More memories!

Thanksgiving we traveled to NE to be with our whole family (minus 2 grandsons) for Thanksgiving.  

More fun opportunities for family pictures.  
Here are our 2 grandchildren who were very patient with me as I snapped picture after picture. 

They are our youngest daughters children

Now for the family photos.  I love the coordinating cloths,  Calls for many many pictures.  Ha?

I also like to try different tones and coloring on the pictures.  I always like the vintage look.

This was my daughters idea with the Nov fall leaves and it turned out to be one of my favorite.

Mom and dad looking very cool.

These just make me smile!

While we were all together over Thanksgiving, we had a friend take over my camera and try get a family photo.    This is the best one, it is hard to get a picture with all our eyes open and everyone looking at the camera.   Below I lightened it up. 

and then sized it down a bit.

I really liked this picture but it did get a bit blurry.  

We just had to try a couple pictures with the grand kids throwing fall leaves.  It was fun.  

Our family is such a great Blessing from God.  We give Him thanks for many things but our faith and family has to be way at the top of the list. 

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