Saturday, June 17, 2017

February & March Birthday Fun

We had the great pleasure to spend time with both our daughters and family's. The second week in Feb we traveled South to celebrate Birthday and in March our youngest daughter came from the North to spend time with us. 
Papa and I wanted to make this 12th birthday special for our grandson.  We took him out to his favorite restaurant and enjoyed a great meal with him. 

He loved the crab legs and had never had them before.  We hope this was a Birthday to remember.
A cute selfie with my 12 yr old grandson and me.
 Instead of the normal Birthday cake, he chose some very yummy rich peanut squares for the celebration.  His mom does a great job making them with her famous Butter frosting.  

 YEA, Gift time!   A fun moddle kit from Nana and Papa and a game from mom and dad. 

Very fun game that we enjoyed playing after the cake and gift opening.

Friends and cards makes for a very fun evening..  

Our older grandson had just bought a new Stelth car.  What a cute, fun little sport car. Papa and his dad checking it out.  

 Our smack in the middle granddaughter at almost 15 yr.  She enjoyed speech and had the opportunity to MC an event.  

 Our oldest granddaughter is really into fitness and she exercises and works out often.  I didn't have the courage to try some of her strenuous exercises. 
Her back on the wall sitting on absolutely nothing.  NOPE, not for me!

Our granddaughter and grandson with a very good friend(center).  I can not believe how fast time has gone, both out oldest grandchildren drive, have their own cars and jobs.  They did very well at their first year of college and both made the dean's list. 

 The youngest of the family showing some of her ninjutsu moves.  4 out of 5 of our grandchildren are involved with Ninjutsu .
Since it was close to Valentines day, our youngest granddaughter baked cup cakes and we decorated them together.  They turned out very delitious and pretty. 


The second week in March our youngest daughter and family came for visit and to attend a friends wedding.  This was just a bit early but we took the opportunity to celebrate the March Birthdays when they were here.  It was so much fun to have them spend time with us.
 Our granddaughter loves playing with my old dolls from when I was a child and some I purchased in Germany 20 some years ago.  They are both so helpful whenever I do something especialy preparing the meals and doing the dishes.  

A special meal for the birthday boy.  He got to choose the first piece of steak. 

He was very excited about the small chocolate Ice Cream cake with a school bus on it.  

Papa lite the candles.
 Notice our cute Birthday hats?

Happy Birthday to you, and blowing out the 7 candles.  
Time to open the Birthday gifts
from Nana and Papa.


 Wow, It is a garbage truck!  What fun!

Rosco their small 12 year old dog got to come along to Nana and Papa's.  Their other 3 had to stay at home with good friends taking care of them. He loves being with the family and getting some much needed treats and undivided attention.   

Yes, this garbage truck really works
 and makes sounds.  

Our daughter was here to celebrate her 42nd Birthday with a yummy pecan pie.

 Her Birthday is smack dab on St Patrick's Day so we got her a pretty green bow headband.  
Tea party with our granddaughter.

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